Bitcoin Hitting All-Time Highs By Almost Every Metric

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66 responses to “Bitcoin Hitting All-Time Highs By Almost Every Metric”

  1. Nicholas Zounis says:

    Just wait until Silver catches up.

  2. Xxx Xxx says:

    Jeff Berwick please can you tell me were I can buy bit coin safely please
    thanks sarah..

  3. Kevin Dufoort says:

    Would you advis me to use to gain more bitcoins?

  4. Dance Art Pro says:

    a digital fiat currency backed by digital fiat currency… y’all insane

  5. 8585 says:

    Bitcoin fucking sucks.

  6. Blue Collar Mark says:

    Good luck with Bitcoin. The Old Timers had a saying “there is a sucker
    born everyday”. The way I see it, once the powers that be want to crash
    Bitcoin, they will. Either a real or fictitious security breach, which will
    then cause the digital coin to drop like a ton of digital rocks. With that
    said, if you can’t physically hold your wealth, you really have no wealth.
    Land, house, physical metals, art, diamonds are just a few. I for one am
    not yet comfortable with the digital world, I would assume Hillary is not

    • azel6 says:

      yeah all they need is just a fake story in MSM that Bitcoin Got hacked
      ..maybe just 3 staged cases game over bitcoin

  7. axel schweiß says:

    wish i would have a job so i could affort one xD

  8. Scott Wilhelmsen says:

    gold is going to bottom at 1111 in my opinion, going by the technicals
    there… silver is holding strong as gold tanks, this is a strong signal. I
    expect the PM markets to turn around soon after gold bottoms, hold!

  9. Motivation says:

    Too much faith in bitcoin. Be wary of any asset that moves in tandem with
    the US stock market

  10. logans run says:

    I’m thinking jeff is heavily invested, anyone else?

    • Vegan Dreams says:

      yeah, he said he has a direct number to call when he has problems….no one
      else does hahah

    • MainAccount says:

      You would be a fool not to invest in something you foresee increasing in
      value since it was just a few dollars. Bitcoin at $770 is still very cheap,
      but Jeff is telling you to buy it since it was $10, so, are you listening

    • Vegan Dreams says:

      true true…..i just do not understand it that well…I looked into it at 3
      dollars back in the day…..i got into silver and gold in the early
      2000s…..i need to really dig into it…wont hurt to by one and let it

    • bluehorse888 says:

      ouch, imagine if you had just bought a few hundred for $3 a piece…

    • Vegan Dreams says:

      very true…….and if you bought 1 now and in 20 years after we go to a
      cashless society? dammmmmm

  11. Randy Hilarski says:

    Bitcoin has changed my business and my life. We also have a Wirex debit
    card. It is not perfect but it offers us a way to access our BTC

  12. Xxx Xxx says:

    how do i buy bitcoin

  13. bob bot says:

    I don’t know how anyone thinks bitcoin will survive economic collapse or
    regulated Internet or world depression? Jeff Berwick will sell his bitcoins
    inside of 2 months. Berwick is not dumb.

    • MainAccount says:

      Nobody, no individual and no central power or government can control,
      manipulate, ban or kill a worldwide distributed open-source peer-to-peer
      cryptographically secured decentralized system.
      Bitcoins will continue to increase in value, more than gold and silver,
      there will only be 21 million bitcoins ever, they are cryptographically and
      mathematically secured, it is decentralized, so can’t be banned, co-opted
      or confiscated/stolen by any central group or government, you hold your own
      private keys.

    • Mary Williams says:

      What are you so afraid off? you are like the internet deniers in the 90’s.
      and the people who got left behind were bashing any new technology that
      cause them to be nervous about. “Why would I use the internet or email if
      almost nobody else is using it?!” “It is just for pornographers,
      terrorists, criminals and pedophiles!!” Try to see where all these
      decentralised systems will be in a few years, the world is changing rapidly
      towards decentralization, you just won’t see it on CNN or Fox news. Do not
      be afraid, the old Central Powers paradigm is crumbling right now, there
      will not be a “One World Order”, the future belongs to the individuals, as
      our power is being restored back.

    • Marcos Sánchez says:

      bob bot There are only 27M bitcoins but there are and there will be many
      more and BETTER criptocurrencies , so they ARE INFLACIONARY AS HELL

  14. Hughjarce153 says:

    I want to buy bitcoin but after having been to many sites I still can’t
    figure out what the heck to do. Anybody know a bitcoin for dummies place I
    can buy??

  15. Ivan beers says:

    Bitcoin is a dangerous game. All is shiny and lovely for as long as theres
    no internet panic. one hack or blackout and bitcoin will sink to negative
    figures. Always invest in assets you can physically hold

    • withoutexcuse2011 says:

      Uh-huh … yeah, right. Keep repeating that load of BS to yourself and when
      what I speak of happens be sure to post an apology. Is that okay with you?
      Unfortunately, at that point it won’t matter. I believe in **prevention,**
      not in postmortem reactive solutions.

    • logans run says:

      ConsideringPhlebas stop feeding the idiot troll..

    • halfasheep says:

      Meanwhile people support banks with credit card fees. Nice one…LOL.

    • Bokoubokou Delirs says:

      let him “rely on someone else ” to protect his physical holdings, sometimes
      technology isnt just for everybody .

    • San Tan says:

      OMG…? Who hacked..and cost her the presidency?… ROFL.. you cant be
      freaking serious… she’s a freaking hag, a liar and a corrupt criminal
      idiot… How about she cause her own loss…

  16. Alan Watts says:

    Hi Jeff Berwick, is Coinjar a good way to hold your bitcoin?

  17. Sir Shibe says:


  18. Non Care says:

    ill take silver coins over digital money anyday

    • Bruce Scott says:

      Actually it can be done on paper without electricity .

    • MainAccount says:

      +Kevin Belcher +++Don’t be so pessimistic and afraid, even if the
      internet/electicity goes down, it will be only temporarily, and anyway
      bitcoin can be stored offline and transferred via
      radiofrequency/radiowaves, a peer-to-peer decentralized system is not going
      to disappear, the future systems will be decentralized and digital.

    • Non Care says:

      MainAccount or so centralized by of a one world type centralized and
      digital cause i seen hell and hell digital as well as visual somewhere
      between the seventh pinacle and the metaphysical £0£

    • Now You Know says:

      Datacentres already have EMP protection.

  19. Steve James says:

    Yes, bitcoin will be the new decentralized economic system.
    Brexit was just one more domino falling, then Trump, China, India,
    Venezuela, Australia, Germany (all with capital controls or going
    cashless), etc.Get more silver and gold coins and of course, you should own
    at least one bitcoin. 75% of all the Bitcoin that will ever exist (21
    million) it is already mined. It will take the next 100 plus years to mine
    the last 25%. In the future you will buy a car with 5 millibitcoins, and
    everybody with a full Bitcoin will be rich. So get ONE bitcoin now.

    • MainAccount says:

      +bot bot +++Nobody, no individual and no central power or government can
      control, manipulate, ban or kill a worldwide distributed open-source
      peer-to-peer cryptographically secured decentralized system.

    • Paul Jones says:

      entirely agree with you Kevin

    • Neocharm says:

      This is why TPTB want the WAR. Only then they can shut down/control the
      Internet and block the Bitcoin or any other alt. currency

    • bob bot says:

      +Neocharm These people doesn’t know what goes down with a world wide
      depression and world wars and Internet regulated. Their little blip on the
      screen will be gone. They hand the presidency to Hillary get out your guns,
      because Communism is on it’s way. This country is going to get a dose f
      letting jews run your country will do for you.

    • azel6 says:

      tried to buy one and most exchange was asking 10% over its price WTF better
      be in gold if you ask me I can trade Gold for almost anything ON EARTH
      accepted even by Aliens lol

  20. MainAccount says:

    The future economy will be totally digital and decentralized. Bitcoin is a
    worldwide-distributed decentralized peer-to-peer censorship-resistant
    trustless and permissionless deflationary system/currency (see Blockchain
    technology) backed by mathematics, open source code, cryptography and the
    most powerful and secure decentralized computational network on the planet,
    orders of magnitude more powerful than google and government combined.
    There is a limit of 21 million bitcoins (divisible in smaller units).
    “Backed by Government” money is not backed by anything and is infinitely
    printed at will by Central Banks. Bitcoin is limited and decentralized.

    Receive and transfer money, from cents (micropayments) to thousands:
    * Almost for free (a few cents fee).
    * Borderless (no country can stop it from going in/out or confiscate)
    * Trustless (nobody needs to trust anybody for it to work)
    * Privacy (no need to expose personal information)
    * Securely (encrypted cryptographically)
    * Permissionless (no approval from central powers needed)
    * Instantly (from seconds to a few minutes)
    * Open source (auditable by anybody)
    * Worldwide distributed (from anywhere to anywhere on the planet)
    * Censorship resistant (no government can stop its use)
    * Peer-to-peer (no intermediaries with a cut)
    * Portable (easier to carry/move than cash, gold and silver)
    * Public ledger (transparent, seen by everybody)
    * Scalable (each bitcoin is divisible down to 8 decimals)
    * Decentralized (distributed with no single point of failure)
    * Deflationary (its supply goes down with time until reaching 21 million
    * Immutable global registry (can’t be altered/hacked by nobody)
    * No chargebacks-No fraud (‘push’ vs’ ‘pull’ transactions).
    And that’s just as currency, Bitcoin has many more uses and applications.

    • funkyguy99 says:

      ConsideringPhlebas you forget that one of the principles of money is that
      it must have an intrinsic value. Gold does not need any backing as it is
      already has intrinsic value in itself unlike fiat or digital currencies.
      bitcoin has all the principles of money in that it is portable, fungible,
      durable, divisible, a medium of exchange and is scarce however it still
      lacks intrinsic value as it is digital and not a physical tangible asset.
      what would happen if there was an EMP attack or the UN unleashes an
      internet kill switch, where would your bitcoin go! The only advantage
      bitcoin has over fiat currencies is that it’s decentralised and cannot be
      manipulated by governments and central banks. Gold and silver will always
      be money and has been for the last 5000 years of human history.

    • ConsideringPhlebas says:

      The concept of “Intrinsic value” is goldbug bullshit. Special pleading, an
      exalted category that only precious metals can occupy. Something only has
      value insofar as it is considered valuable or useful to someone. Without
      people to value someone, it has no value, nothing is intrinsically
      valuable. There is a mainstream usage of ‘intrinsic value,’ but that simply
      refers to an object or commodity that carries its own value, in contrast to
      a promissory bank note which is a receipt for something valuable. In this
      sense, Bitcoin has intrinsic value just as gold does because it is a
      commodity that carries its own value, not being a mere token or receipt for
      something else of actual value.

      “it still lacks intrinsic value as it is digital and not a physical
      tangible asset.”

      This is pure circular reasoning on your part. You offer no argument or
      evidence that because Bitcoin is intangible it therefore cannot have
      ‘intrinsic value.’

    • funkyguy99 says:

      Well technically speaking all commodities have intrinsic value not just
      precious metals in that each has its own usefulness which is what gives it
      it’s inherit value. Gold and especially silver can be used for jewelry or
      ornaments, technology, medicine, etc with so many various applications it’s
      easy to see why people can see that it has intrinsic value. So where is the
      intrinsic value of bitcoin? Other than having all the other principles of
      money it is merely used as a measurement of account? That is the difference
      between digital and tangible assets!

    • ConsideringPhlebas says:

      “So where is the intrinsic value of bitcoin?”

      For the answer to that, I will simply refer you to the initial post by
      MainAccount. But it’s worth noting that the Bitcoin network can also be
      used to transfer data, written messages, etc., which is increasingly
      important in an environment of global State surveillance. But with the
      development of new Bitcoin ‘side chains’ in the future, the possibilities
      for new uses are virtually limitless. It’s easy to see why such a versatile
      but still new and under-developed technology has intrinsic value.

    • bob bot says:

      +ConsideringPhlebas The jews won’t figure a way to stop bitcoin, no. They
      stopped all the free energy stuff and car running on water and carburetors
      getting 80 mph but bitcoin they won’t mess with. Bitcoin will be dissolved
      and gone or in total control of he jews inside of six months.