Fed to Sabotage Trump Administration? | Jim Willie

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– A current Italian mandate cannot pass. The people elected against the referendum by virtually a 20 point margin. What are the repercussions of this? ► 3:20.
– The media's lies concerning Trump ► 17:26.
– Will the Fed sabotage the Trump management? ► 28:08.

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DISCLAIMER: The economic and also political point of views shared in this video are not necessarily of "Money and Freedom" or its personnel. Point of views shared in this video do not make up personalized investment recommendations and need to not be counted on for making investment decisions.

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40 responses to “Fed to Sabotage Trump Administration? | Jim Willie”

  1. Power Gear says:

    Toyota all ready has doubled their prices. look at Sequoias and Trundas.

  2. Patrick Alaggio says:

    Always interesting, informative and entertaining! Thanks men!

  3. Charles Wilson says:

    It will be more than 30% more like 99% (toilet paper) if the lira is not
    back by Gold. Most of the East will back their currency with Gold.

  4. Tiku Piku says:

    .if they go back to lira they will not be in control of how much it
    devalues vs usd. it could devalue lot more than 30%.

  5. Silver Fortune says:

    Willie has some really great analysis on the world economy, and what could
    bring it down eventually. But then he gets into all these conspiracy
    theories… Don’t get me wrong, I love a good conspiracy theory, but when
    you say 3 million dead people voted in one state, and not back it up with
    any evidence other than a report from a clearly biased website or source, I
    tend to not believe you.

    • Midas says:

      I’d honestly rather BELIEVE anyway that it was fraud, because I refuse to
      believe that many could really feel Clinton would make a good President,
      hell.. even think that she gives a crap about any of us.

    • Silver Fortune says:

      Midas You overestimate the the U.S. population’s ability to critically
      think. 😉

  6. 2ndWWAppartusBox says:

    Question, why does SD bulllion use the weirdest, least believable,
    insincere fr#$#s to advertise it’s products? ???!!! Ie the guy at the
    beginning, not JW
    JWs a legend!

  7. Daniel Sullivan says:

    Jim is 100% right about an Italian implosion. The Italians will go “world
    war 3” on the banks.

  8. Daniel Sullivan says:

    I like Jim’s friend “euro-roge” … he needs to talk more about him …

  9. Joshua B says:

    Jim Willie, insightful and informative as always. I go out of my way to
    hear what he has to say.

  10. Tony Blaylock says:

    please put a date on your interviews!

  11. Muppet Slaughter says:

    @30:00 minutes in jim is right about what America needs to do

  12. texture6 says:

    It will be Black Friday in Italy soon with a 30% devaluation but in the
    States Black Friday was a dull and none eventful.

  13. Miguel Racelis says:

    Always a great interview with Jim. Thanks Elijah and Jim.

  14. Ellenn Oits says:

    Italy never got a first round of bailouts like all the other big banks did
    in 2008, that’s why they are hurting now

  15. helpendthefed says:

    Willie is tops

  16. j k says:

    Damn you, I hate this part 2 thing!

    • Snarkathon says:

      Its almost as if Elijah & Co hold onto info for 24/48 hours so they can
      take advantage..

      If you want to make people pay to hear it, then do that.. or either
      broadcast live for a fee. This withholding portions of interviews, while
      you either benefit or censor, is at best, disingenuous.

    • uawsux says:

      More parts..more clicks..more pay…

    • Snarkathon says:

      Does himself no favours when Willie releases as one file. Dumb.

  17. gatorred157 says:

    I think it’s taken 15 years from the start of this mess was not a US only
    problem on 9/11 what were the twin towers called world trade centers, well
    terrorist did it, well I watched a fireman movie this guy was burning
    building the way he did it gave you sign’s it was a fireman starting the
    fire’s this investigator talking a guy in jail for starting fires he asked
    who don’t like fire so it back drafts, the answer was fireman, who don’t
    like world trade or money system, i bet it might be a new world order plan,
    to bring in the end plan, is trump kicking there corner stone now!! is
    there plan shaking

  18. brian swannell says:

    I was thinking they got to Jim—– Dec. 8

  19. ZIONISIM KILLS says:

    yes, yes Jim. I love what you have done here, Only question left is what
    will be the trigger ?

  20. ZIP COOPAR says:

    SD bullion is not the cheapest for silver. You get a better price from JM
    bullion. Look it up. I DID.

    • Brother Joseph says:

      +helpendthefed I have both coins and bars. I have few coins and many bars,
      why? There is a premium cost for coins VS cost for silver or gold bars.
      When the time comes, people will be looking for silver and gold, you may
      not be able to get anything extra because it is a coin, it will be about
      the ounce of silver or the ounce of gold. Now if you want to collect silver
      and gold coins and hope that the added coin value remains when it is a
      collapse situation then take that addition risk and that additional dollar
      value, I am looking at it as a pure gold, pure silver bar situation for the
      value of the metals that will be desired. If the collapse never happens (I
      think it will happen as 100% of every fiat dollar system in history has
      failed, ours has already failed and it will again, the questions remain
      “when will it happen again and will they be able to save it? Do they want
      to save it again? If so then how will they save it? Is it to far gone to
      save”? ) then that’s ok also as we know over time the metals will increase
      in value.

    • silver2020 says:

      JM Bullion is the only way to go

    • silver2020 says:

      JM Bullion is the only way to goq

    • uawsux says:

      My best price golddealer.com..sdbullion. NOT CHEAP…

    • keith novak says:

      I use Provident as In MN they charge sales tax of 7 % and you get free s& h
      over 100 bucks.