How Will America Trade With WORTHLESS DOLLARS & NO GOLD? — Bill Holter

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Expense Holter from JS Mineset is back to help us record the collapse for the 4th week of May, 2016. And also as physical gold and silver moves East as well as intothe strong hands of greater than a billion Chinese, and as foreign banks openly resolve international sell the Yuan, Expense reminds us that "Every progression by China, is 1 or 2 actions in reverse for the US as well as the Dollar, that's what's occurring. For example, if the Yuan is backed by gold, after that why would a person approve the Buck instead of the Yuan if the Dollar's not backed by anything." The construct from the framework for the world to relocate completely away from the Dollar is virtually complete. You have actually been advised.

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70 responses to “How Will America Trade With WORTHLESS DOLLARS & NO GOLD? — Bill Holter”


    dollars are pretty worthless if you think about it

  2. Andrew Domenitz says:

    Chinese unpayable debt leaves them the ghost city assets they built with
    it. What did we get for 6 trillion of debt we spent on war in the middle
    east? Did we get the contracts to rebuild it? No. We sure have geniuses
    running this wreck till the wheels fall off.

  3. MagicalDreams says:

    Cninna built roads in America yes! but at the same time they charged us to
    drive on those roads! someone help me out! is the true? or false?

  4. Edward JLo says:

    Thanks for being the good guys being the truth tellers. The RKM will go

  5. Naveen IIT says:

    Honest Donald Trump will defeat thug hillary clinton and prosperity for all

  6. 420 Colorado says:

    “The End is nigh, buy gold! (from me)”.

  7. Dudley Dawson says:

    If the dollar becomes worthless we would become Venezuela on steroids.

    • MrGchiasson says:

      When the dollar crashes… get out of the major cities…as far away as you
      can… find a source of water, stock food and be prepared to sit tight for
      a while… We’ll either face a transition in currencies ( and lose most of
      the value in the dollar) or we may face a disaster like we’ve never

  8. MiMi SeeYou says:

    Serious question, do you charge for interviews? I’m interested in starting
    a channel of my own. Thanks for everything you share, Sean.

    • MiMi SeeYou says:

      +Texas Shrugged Book Thanks. I’m just trying to get an idea. I want to
      reach out to Jason at Wall St for Main, SGT, Holter, Kirby, Greg Hunter,
      Chris Greene, V the economist, Mannarino, Maloney, Austin-Fitts …. That
      will require me starting on my own and being taken seriously before I can
      have guests agree. Or atleast that’s what I would require lol. The videos I
      have in mind are educational and very basic info.

    • tim wilkinson says:

      I f its truthful ill sub !

    • MiMi SeeYou says:

      +tim wilkinson Thanks, Tim. So many people are getting online trying to
      understand basic economics, policies, how things work together, what’s
      going on around the globe … We need a baby food channel to get them ready
      for these great channels! That way they can keep up with the terminology
      and connections.

    • tim wilkinson says:

      Time is short i feel but with what you want to do ill fully support it !
      And good onyer for for wanting to help ! Respect for that !!!

    • MiMi SeeYou says:

      +tim wilkinson You’re on the level. Of course you are, look at the video we
      watched! Haha. I will be making a separate account when I nail out the
      details and will alert my subs when I’m up. Thanks and cheers to trying!

  9. Seal-ed says:

    There will be a General Tso chicken in every pot.
    If the dollar is worthless then how can 50,000 of them be worth an ounce of
    gold in the future? If gold hits $50,000/oz, what idiot would sell it for
    50,000 worthless dollars? Here, I’d like to trade this ounce of gold for
    that roll of toilet paper. Is it a deal?

    • Silver Lady 925 says:

      +Seal They tie it to dollars because they want to keep their fiat currency
      system going. If, instead of saying a gallon of gas costs two dollars or
      three dollars, your local station had a sign outside saying a gallon costs
      half an ounce of silver, there would be no room for the dollar in the
      transaction. Then where would the Federal Reserve be ? Everyone on earth
      recognizes gold and silver as money, and they have since Ancient Egypt, but
      as far as PAPER is concerned what value does that have ? Gold and silver
      have intrinsic value, but PAPER in and of itself is worthless.

    • Silver Lady 925 says:

      +Seal Also, the consistent quality of gold and silver means that my gold
      coin is worth the same as yours, but diamonds for example can vary in

    • tim wilkinson says:

      +Silver Lady International Some years ago it came to light that theres a
      storage of diamonds that have been mined and kept out of the true market
      that IF they entered the market that they will demolish the price ! Theres
      so many that thy would loose SO much money it would crash the value of them
      !! So NO keep away from them !

    • Seal-ed says:

      +tim wilkinson
      Which is very interesting indeed because a lot of the gold and silver
      vendors are now pushing diamond investing as well.

    • Silver Lady 925 says:

      +tim wilkinson I think that precious stones, i.e. diamonds, rubies,
      emeralds and sapphires are a very good investment because they are durable
      unlike paper. They also have industrial applications, aside from jewelry.
      But because diamonds and sapphires can vary in color, and because all of
      them can vary in quality, it would be difficult to use them as a consistent
      measure of exchange (i.e. money).

  10. clearasvodka says:

    A demand for silver to refuel a vessel? Absurd lie. The dollar is
    convertible to any currency on earth and accepted worldwide in confidence.
    This Navy ship refueling silver incident is a urban myth at best and cannot
    be proven. How much more sensationalism are we going to take? The dollar
    isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Look, if the Venezuelan Bolivar is still
    exchanged for other currencies even today knowing what we know about
    Venezuela’s economy – you can be sure the USD will even in a collapse
    scenario. Just too many nations hold it in reserve. Not likely it’s going
    to be wiped away as it benefits nobody to do so.

    Look, China is very much a part of the bankster gangster system. The
    Chinese are partners in this. Being let in to the IMF and essentially being
    small share partners with the Fed is proof enough. If they were not, then
    you wouldn’t see Bank of China and ICBC branches popping up in New York. To
    think otherwise is absurd.

    • Edward JLo says:

      I agree except for your take on BOC. They have been in NY since before 2k.
      I did business with them. They were buying my commercial loans on NY
      buildings then. I think the reason for expansion there is the same as
      anyone else’s, the increase in market share.

    • DeltaLion1 says:

      lol… you’re funny… lol…..

    • asdfghjkl says:

      While I do agree witho you in thinking that the Navy ship refueling story
      and having to pay in silver is garbage. If the US dollar collapses and
      becomes worthless, it will be abandoned.

    • Edward JLo says:

      +asdfghjkl​ that is a true lie of a tale.

  11. Keith Hope says:

    Great show I always like Bill holter and rob kruby

  12. David Garvey says:

    The world currency is all ready here. It is gold.

    • SuNshine says:

      do more research it was, look up all wars are bankers wars by mike rivero
      for more news

    • SuNshine says:

      it wont take any time when the currency is digiital think about how much
      penetration that is. done with a click of a mouse !

    • marty vetrano says:

      Depending on how you define currency; the first global currency is Bitcoin.
      Gold is moving thru Bitcoin into BitGold and then into the real economy.
      Nothing the Elite can do.

    • Pablo Malaga says:

      @vodkabrains: You can´t buy crude? Ignorant: Chinese buy crude with their
      own fiat. Educate yourself, moron!

  13. Erick Jamieson says:

    If gold and silver is so great why do you both continue to measure it’s
    future value in US dollars? Maybe renting a one bedroom apartment will cost
    $50,000 USD per month by 2018. I’m surprised I don’t hear any talk about
    China’s offer to lease gold to the US for backing a new dollar.

    • nomad07XX says:

      a day of labour is roughly a silver dime…so 1/10th of an oz…then go
      from there for value

    • Aya Bear says:

      So we can have a currency piggyba(nk)cking on Rothschilds AND China? This
      would not happen in a million years.

    • Caesar Augustus says:

      I think everyone should look at the county property tax map in their area.
      Look for areas that “were” public land, they are now “owned” by The United
      States of America. Somewhere in the last few years the Federal government
      took ownership of OUR public lands. Also they are already selling off our
      land, in SW Arizona there is a large agricultural area owned by Saudi

    • Theo Martinez says:

      +nanciqwerty i absolutely agree, i understand very well the history of US
      inc and how they use legalese to take over the land.

    • ERIC SABLICK says:

      he talks about china maybe working financially for the good of the world,
      but he doesn’t mention how the government treats their own people

  14. Lara Green says:

    Naw. They’re all working together. James Corbett says and shows it all
    the time.

    • Lara Green says:

      +Shaun Commons Just couldn’t help it, like I said … I’d just had enough
      with another little “discussion” where someone wasn’t making any danged
      sense so I turned snarky just for grins. 😉

    • Shaun Commons says:

      Nowt wrong with some grins now an again life is pretty serious constantly
      these days which aint good for the soul

    • Lara Green says:

      +Shaun Commons Danged straight. 🙂

    • radiomanze1 says:

      Specifically titled China and the new world order. That is the video
      everyone needs to check out

    • Str8arrow62 says:

      I appreciate the efforts to inform found on the Corbett Report.

  15. Italian G says:

    All great except Holter said January was the crash. He said “This is it.
    This is the crash”

    • Mike 969 says:

      I expect nothing less from a person selling gold and silver to also sell
      the story, the whole sausage party of financial quests is selling the same
      product saying the same thing for years, the proof is in the video list on
      this channel, years pedalling doom and gloom “headline advice” zero results.
      Sounds about right.

    • pirate0jimmy says:

      Do you trust the central bankers with your life, like in 1930 USA or 1920
      Germany? Gimmie the metal, not an ETF promise. Paper promises require
      ENERGY to redeem, and it’s not there for regular people. Some rolls of 1921
      US silver dimes were worth more in Germany than they were in the ‘states. A
      handful of gold coins were a life-saving, or property-buying, fortune. A
      handful of gold is a few good months of middle-class pay, even now, and
      much more later. Oh, sure, have some US currency to spend first, but also
      have some silver to buy food, or gold to escape with. 20%, just in case.

    • Surud Patel says:

      Artificially propped up markets tend to take a while to go down. I think
      these are just predictions/pre-warnings and truly timelines are not
      predictable when governments/Feds/Treasury keep feeding us with their
      falsehoods and cooked up figures to show a pleasant picture.

  16. Charles H says:

    I always enjoy listening to Bill Holter – awesome man with lots of
    knowledge. Thanks for the interview Shawn.

    • Phillip Saunders (HerkCC) says:

      Agreed. ….I have learned so much from his interviews. I consider myself
      in a much better position , so many are not aware or prepared for the harsh
      reality on the horizon.

  17. Thomas Pickett (Thomasp671) says:

    If Soros has dumped 30% of his stock and put it in gold then something is
    up and going down !!!!!

    • bluesinter says:

      And his old partner and trader Jim Rogers was saying last year he wasn’t
      buying gold, he owns gold but not buying it at that time. Now Rogers is
      saying his number one asset is gold. Well that makes sense because these
      old guys never tell you what they are doing till they have already done it.
      He was buying when he said he wasn’t. The price is suppressed to scare
      people out and make buying a better opportunity. When they are ready, and
      only then they will recommend everyone get gold and silver and then the
      price will skyrocket.

    • Dolores says:

      Please! Make it Soros going down.

    • Thomas Pickett (Thomasp671) says:

      +bluesinter The Price will skyrocket and/or the Gold will be gone where you
      are unable to find it or buy it.

    • Ethel X says:

      I just put my life savings of $100k into gold and silver bars.

    • Gadsdon Flag says:

      And Silver broke through $21.00/oz just a few days ago….it’s now on the

  18. 1Fireskull says:

    Welcome to The Yew World Order designed by Global Supremacists who want to
    kill the USA Constitution and bring a totalitarian single worldwide

    • 1Fireskull says:


    • Shaun Commons says:

      I can talk to who however I like just like you and anyone else can for a
      little while longer until they outlaw that too now piss off ?

    • 1Fireskull says:

      In Europe, the governments are deciding what you can and can not say and
      with who you can have association. I don’t want that here in the USA, but
      it has already started.

    • Shaun Commons says:

      Its gonna be worldwide unless everyone else wakes up too unfortunately

    • 1Fireskull says:

      +Shaun Commons Yes. It’s actually an emergency to save freedom now.

  19. Curtis Fre Channel says:

    In Silver, Cannabis/Hemp products and Faith. No joke! Thank you. P.S.
    Americans are known worldwide, for their free and active imaginations, when

    • tim wilkinson says:

      Thanks just remind me to water my little ones !

    • ctwatcher says:

      And out in Colorato the planes again created weather of hail! So nice to
      watch the destruction of gardens! I love all govt.’s from Hell, now I wish
      for Lucifer to come take them all back, their families, their children,
      grandchildren, all of them must now be sacrificed.

    • MiMi SeeYou says:

      +ctwatcher That last word kinda changed the whole flow

    • Curtis Fre Channel says:

      Thank you for your comment!