Huge Crisis Headed Our Way, Credit Freeze, Bank Runs & Riots:Clif High

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Today's Guest: Clif High

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99 responses to “Huge Crisis Headed Our Way, Credit Freeze, Bank Runs & Riots:Clif High”

  1. Tee Dee says:

    is he saying that the atm’s will go empty by april 2017ish, when
    hyperinflation hits?

    • The Shadow Broker says:

      That’s how I understood it. I also bought his report, he goes into much
      more detail. Basically there will be two MASSIVE crashes. The first
      starting November 2016 and then a second one happening March/April. It’s a
      really good report you should get it.

  2. nancyxtay says:

    I worked at a bank and tried to tell people to never buy a home because you
    never truly own it. it’s a complete bank scam but people want to buy into
    the Home ownership American dream lie. so many people are waking up now and
    it’s amazing to witness. awesome guest thank you for this interview!

    • Cynthia Allaire says:

      Renting isn’t any good, either. Many are paying more monthly to rent than
      they’d have paid on a mortgage.

    • nancyxtay says:

      Cynthia Allaire you don’t understand… You are still just renting when you
      think own a mortgage. you never ever really own your home. Stop paying your
      property taxes or income taxes and you will find out who really owns your
      home…it ain’t you.

    • Cynthia Allaire says:

      +nancyxtay Right, you don’t own the house you are paying for – the bank
      does. But if it’s costing you more to rent per month than to buy, you’ve
      gained no advantage by renting. Since rent control is rare, a person
      renting is likely to see increased cost for housing over the years, but if
      they got a fixed rate mortgage, they’ll have more predictable housing
      costs, plus if they have to move, they can usually get back most of what
      they’ve paid toward the principle, and often, a lot more.

      The problem stems from artificially heightened appraisals set by the banks,
      and chicanery in the mortgage agreement, but these manipulations of
      purchase price are generally reflected in the rent charged, plus whatever
      profit the landlord wants to squeeze out of the tenants, and you don’t own
      that property, either, needless to say, but the taxes and insurance costs
      are incorporated into the tenants’ monthly bill, yet they don’t get to
      claim any deductions on this expense.

    • nasanction says:

      We purchased our home with cash. No it’s not a $200,000 house. It was run
      down and needed a lot of restoration. only about 1200sq. but on an acre.
      Cash out of pocket was about 32k Been here for 8 years and have been fixing
      it up a little at a time. Taxes are low due to the low value. I would never
      again buy a house on loan. it is the loan that screws you.
      Being smart and living within our means. We bought at the 09’/10′ low. I
      suggest people save and wait for this next crash.

  3. Richard Einstein says:


  4. tinkertiger2012 says:

    solution: B I T C O I N / crypto / people run bank system. It’s hear now
    all we got to do is participate NOW

    • tinkertiger2012 says:

      +Charli Junior I will be doing a full video on the topics you raise as they
      need to be addressed. I will host a live stream and you are welcome to
      participate. 🙂 get notifications on my channel IT will be a few days.

    • croc adile says:

      China is now looking into their own digital currency; that can change the
      entire game all by itself.

      I’m not sure who stated that I, as well, underestimate the power of
      darkness, but that is true for most everyone. However, since I am a real
      Christian I do understand the truth from and have a grasp on the power of
      darkness, which i believe, you referred to as communist. The commies are
      controlled by the power of darkness.

      I know where we are headed as a nation and world and I know how it
      culminates and I know from where I came and my purpose for living and that
      puts me ahead, not by any intellect of my own or anything special about me,
      but by the grace and mercy of the Lord.

    • Charli Junior says:

      Mr. Tinkertiger thank you I will look out for your video and I am sure it
      will be great 🙂
      Mr. Adile I like your Croc picture 🙂 I have Russian things on my profile
      and Mr. Tiger may have referred to that as communist but it does not
      matter. My quote was referring to the money god in this context and not the
      Christian GOD. I apologize if you got offended 🙂 Thank you both for your
      great information 🙂

    • croc adile says:

      +Charli Junior
      Charli – I was not offended, but you show integrity by your words and that
      particular character seems to be lacking in our societies.

      Your statement about the “money god” is quite biblical since it is written
      “the love of money (god of materialism) is the root of all kinds of evil”
      and that I have observed to be true.

      God bless you!

      Are you in Russia? If so I have a few questions I would like to ask from a
      Russian point of view.

    • Charli Junior says:

      +Croc adile Sir, I am not in Russia but there are Russian people posting
      here. Sometimes the way a politician expresses a word tells me more than
      the whole speech ?

  5. Lorn Roberts says:

    Are some people more resistant to entrainment tech than others? When the
    news shifted this spring I was repelled and turned it off. When I was
    listening to the news on election night it felt like being in a bar and the
    only one not drunk.

  6. Brent Wilbur says:

    Dave, you have an amazing ability to politely steer the conversation back
    to pragmatism. Love your interview style, brother.

  7. Brent Wilbur says:

    This guy is an amazing linguist. His ability to formulate a sentence from
    reactive thought is extraordinary; but the most brilliant among us are also
    clearly the craziest. As much as I enjoy listening to his thought process
    with particular regard to his focus on semantics and linguistic nuance,
    when he starts talking about alien mind-control devices it’s difficult to
    take him entirely seriously. Even if there are aliens and even if they have
    the technology, how could we possibly have reverse-engineered it if we are
    still barely scratching the surface of our own understanding of how
    genetics and epigenetics are associated with either the raw, passive
    existence of consciousness or the active practice of theory of mind?

    • TheF8ofman says:

      Unless you can prove conclusively that that these things do not exist you
      may be the one left out..
      To dip a glass in the ocean and look at the water through the sunlight and
      and say, ‘There is no life in here’.
      Who knows…

    • Brent Wilbur says:

      The onus is on the claimant to prove what he says is true.

    • Jeff Logue says:


    • markwatch12 says:

      +Brent Wilbur Well you need to study a topic to understand it. If you have
      never come across break away civilization theory then the subject would be
      difficult to grasp. To put it very simply we only get to hear about stealth
      aircraft after they have been in operation for a long time and probably
      replaced with newer ones. The idea of break away civilizations is that this
      divergence of tech has been taken to the extreme levels. I agree with you
      though, he has an extraordinary mind.

    • 實況主 4s says:

      I got my ex to start talking to me again aftеr 2 years. Visit heree ===> Huge Crisis
      Headed Our Wayyy Credit Freeeeze Bank Runs Riots Clif High

  8. Tiku Piku says:

    physical gold prices doubled in india due to ban on 500, 1000 rupee notes.
    yet gold prices and miners slammed down in west.

  9. Lara Green says:

    But … Trump **is** installing the same old neocon scumbag insiders to his
    cabinet ….. :/

  10. Jack Drusus says:

    We do not know the future. He has wrong about things before- check it out.
    Dow 125/000 next year/hyperinflation March/April/property collapse/siezure
    in the new year/Gold 125/Make it note of this/it will not happen. Everyone
    said markets would crash if Trump won/exact opposite has happened. There is
    a crises ahead, we all agree with this/but we do not when or where.
    Remember: That which is stated with- out proof can equality y be dismissed
    without proof. Some of this stuff is right general terms/but not specifics.
    Some of this stuff is pure guesswork pseudo scientific mambo- jumbo. I have
    been saying for the last three years/there will be no real crash 14/15/16.
    Not becuase of psychic powers data sets but just probabilities.!! . .
    11/11/2016. The system can blow any time now listen pople like ALISTAIR MA
    CLOUD/ Michael Bookvar/Gordon T Long.

    • TheShells says:

      +Frank Anderson Our brains are biology and chemistry – we have some unique
      abilities – all humans are primates – we are not psychic.

    • Frank Anderson says:

      we do not understand how an AI network actually creates intelligence, but
      we do understand that its based on inputs and weighing those inputs. i do
      not know if psychic people are lieing or not, but its possible that with a
      more developed sensory organ, or with a neural network that could properly
      analyze the input, that we could explain the phenomenon. the brain
      transmits your thoughts on a radio frequency, one that can be read and
      processed by computers today. there could be some form of effect with
      magnetics that allows you to predict the future. like if i create a
      magnetic field maybe it goes backwards in time a little. using these clues
      a persons brain could predict the future. and the amazing thing is all of
      this is stuff we are doing now or really soon with computers.

    • TheShells says:

      +Frank Anderson We look to evolutionary past to understand our current

    • KoiPondPeppy says:

      You might want to check out Dean Radin’s work on aggregate social
      predictive research.

    • JustMeDee says:

      Soros in an interview said the USA could save itself by being less consumer
      driven (SAVE $$$) and become productive again. He of course didn’t think we
      could and planned to work against it happening. But Soros’ Hillary did not
      win so he has some wound licking to do. So if we take him at his word, the
      best thing we can do is what Trump has planned but for us individually not
      to become super-consumers as the USA becomes great again. Save $$$ & be
      happy with what you have, it’s already better than most countries have.

  11. Charli Junior says:

    The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be
    changed without changing our thinking. ~Albert Einstein
    Awesome interview thank you. ?

    • Charli Junior says:

      +Kitswain59 ~ Sir Mr. Einstein worked as a clerk at a patent office… not
      the department of quotes 🙂
      Mr. Loele I agree as somebody said “You have to be asleep because it is
      called the American Dream” 🙂

    • IronButterfly1023 says:

      Sounds like WISE QUOTES OF WISDOM… 😉

    • Coon hound says:

      An astute observation young man.May I add that some nightmares start out as
      pleasant dreams. Despite the existence of 50 different states, each w/its
      own borders, legislatures, Governors, tax codes (TN has no State income
      tax), culture, militias (State and National guards, [some have banished
      SGs]) physical geography, ethnic makeup, linguisic dialect, etc, etc we
      have been brain washed into believing we live in a country or nation
      raather than a federation of independent sovereign nation states (which the
      Federal govt has been steadfastly trying to erase as fast as possible by
      propaganda, overt overreaching legislation, regional commissions, psy-ops,

      9/11 a coup, further entrenched w/overly dominating and consolidating of
      “national” forces through legislative coups, eerily similar to the Enabling
      Acts in 1930s Germany; ie P.A.T.R.I.O.T. ACT, NDAA12, Smith Mundt
      Modernization Act 2012.30+Extra(not un) Constitutional Executive Orders
      restricting firearms and lesser talked about but more important AMMUNITION
      production/sales. (see recent classification of crucial ingredient as bomb
      making agent, closing last US lead smelting plant for “environmental”

      IF we were one nation, under God, w/liberty and justice…….you know the
      tune….then why the need for STATE legislatures, Governors, State courts?
      (SCOTUS is the only Federal court legally allowed to sit in permanence see
      Article III section I US Constitution)
      Congress, just like the Reichstag has been emasculated, the difference here
      is that most of the power has gone not to the dictatorship of the president
      (much has) but to the unelected bureaucratic (appointed) alphabet soup
      agencies. We are ruled by decrees, Executive Orders and thousands of codes,
      statutes, and regulations that function as laws but cannot be called such
      because no matter how we meaning they are ILLEGAL. Federal Park Service?
      Illegal. DEA? iLLEGAL. ATF? Illegal DHS? Illegal CIA? ILLEGAL……..

      anyone reading this far and interested please see two cases that are
      threatening to obliterate State sovereignty and the 2nd Amend. As usual
      little to no coverage by the national media on the real issues involved in
      the case~NULLIFICATION, INTERPOSITION and State Sovereignty.

      2nd Amend protection Acts? Nullification lacks teeth w/out state officials
      willing to interpose between citizens and Federal govt.

      DEA~no need for warrants~violation of doctor patient confidentiality

    • morris adams says:

      thumbs up for iron butterfly!

    • David Perkins says:

      Charli Junior

  12. Toy Train says:

    Will the credit unions really be affected?

  13. tim wilkinson says:

    Holy s–t – Look at the spot price of Gold !?!?!
    Whats going on !!!

  14. Enoch Sosh says:

    Of all these people, there is one main theme I am hearing, even from some
    “main street” people as well. And that is we will have a wave of deflation
    starting sometime next year. The response from the government and central
    banks will be “helicopter money”. This will take a few years to work
    through the system, but, from what I understand, sometime around 2020 we
    will have hyperinflation kicking in. Please heed these warnings, and use
    this time to get OUT OF DEBT. I know I am.

    • patra rezki says:

      Hоw Gеt Your ЕEEEх Bасk Noоoow! Gо heеre >>> Hugе Crisis
      Hеadеd Оur Wаау Crеееedit Freezeeeе Bаnk Runs Riots Clif High

    • CCornelius says:

      Your question, how can bitcoin be finite, is legitimate. Sorry you got
      jumped all over. Some people get pissed when others think they don’t know
      something. Silly.
      To answer your question one would need coding knowledge that no one posting
      here has. You can find the answer by learning programming.

    • Sylvanas Windrunner says:

      l am a java programmer, but only a college student though….. l just don’t
      see how can a bunch of digits be more finite than gold and silver.

    • CCornelius says:

      lol neither do I, nor do I see how tunnel diodes pass signal. However I
      have sufficient reason to think they do.

    • Don Desnoo says:

      Enoch Sosh thanks know you’re right debt isn’t money when T.debt can’t
      be sold not enough cash the helicopters will fly.

  15. roger Brownfield says:

    everything is going to be so much better once Jamie Dimon is the Treasury
    secretary. It’s going to be so awesomely bigger. Enormous better. Hugely.

    • Bonjouru says:

      Mr. Trump did offer Dimon the T/Sec job, and it’s said, Dimon declined.
      However, it is thought Dimon will come on board in some capacity. Dimon is
      a radical J.P. Morgan Banking leftist! Dimon has aspirations of being
      President of America.

    • TheBoilingfrog61 says:

      Is that a hint of sarcasm I detect in you voice there?
      Yes, I agree, either way it went, we are tremendously boned.

    • roger Brownfield says:

      +WreakingHavoc1 Rudy Giulliani and Newt Gingrich are outsiders. They can
      tremendously save us with 9/11 truth. They’ve probably been just waiting
      for someone like Trump so they could help us find the 9/11 truth. Right?

    • The Man with the Answers says:

      +roger Brownfield No, Rudy Giulliani is not going to get to the bottom of
      9/11 truth. Trump has to fill 4,000 positions over the course of a few
      days. He needs some political insiders. There’s more than meets the eye
      in some of these cases. It’s also a strategy:

    • roger Brownfield says:

      +WreakingHavoc1 you said infowars. Haha. Its a Limited hangout pal.

  16. Daniel Hawkins says:

    “creating digits”,….all money is Phoney Baloney.

    • Wellness81 says:

      +Daniel Hawkins and a spinning ball ground!

    • Domo says:

      Exactly! It’s the NUMBER ONE problem and none of our problems will be
      resolved until real money, lawful money is brought back along with respect
      for the law by ALL.

    • duchess656 says:

      Yes Daniel. Creating digital money out of thin air (created when someone
      applies for a ‘loan’) and then charging interest on top of that! And done
      by private bankers pretending to be an arm of government ie the Central
      (private) banks….

    • Domo says:

      +duchess656 Great explanation of this game of illusion we’ve been playing.

    • J Taylor says:

      …and that’s not the half of it. They also can create, and have created,
      massive amounts of (debt) money to give to themselves and their cohorts in
      crime, as they did in 2008…almost $20Trillion!!!…and as they continue
      to do. And WeThePeople have to pay the interest on it…that’s what the
      16th amendment was all about…paying the central banksters for creating
      their legal (but constitutionally illegal) counterfeit money from nothing,
      lending it to the govt, receiving treasuries at 5% interest, which WE pay,
      on $$$Trilions of dollars.

      These are the true parasites of this country, of its economic system, of
      the working class, of its currency. Since the Fed was created in 1913, the
      US Dollar has lost over 98% of its buying power and is no longer backed by
      anything–once it was gold, then it was silver, now it is nothing but the
      “full faith and credit of the US Govt”–which, of course, is a totally
      corrupt fascist regime, in bed with the banksters, the military-industrial
      complex, global corporations, et al.

      Can Trump drain the swamp…does he actually want to? We’re going to find
      out very soon. If he actually has invited Dimon or Goldman Sachs alumni to
      be his top men, then you know he is simply the next puppet in the White

  17. Joe Starr says:

    The bond market could bring down the stock market and property market.

    • Tony Blaylock says:

      +Joe Starr
      They have complete control on the markets so there won’t be a crash but I
      think it’s world wide.
      The only thing they can’t control is the 10yr bond market. It is going up.

    • Paul Ellis says:

      +Estella Aniston I sorry to hear that…some peolpe seem to think I was
      offensive, not sure why? I meant no offence, if your unable to breast feed,
      sure stock up on the very best formula.
      A lot of mothers have turned to formula when they ‘could’ breast feed their
      As long as the baby receives the first 2 weeks (colostrum) of breast milk
      the babies immune system is far stronger. peace be with you.

    • Estella Aniston says:

      +Paul Ellis No worries Paul, thank you for the advice. 🙂

    • Paul Ellis says:


    • Tony Blaylock says:

      +Paul Ellis
      Paul now that the baby is two months old I think it’s kind of late for
      colostrum. I think that formula would not be high on the list of things
      needed for baby. DIAPERS!

  18. Tiku Piku says:

    where’s the collapse?

  19. MrUseur says:

    Bo Polny is dead, long live Clif High. Lol.

    • expat08 says:

      2ndWWAppartusBox Thing is, I predicted the Trump win, like many others, and
      none of us profess to owning any kind of secret algorithm cruncher. Clif
      High has been wrong on numerous occasions as well.
      Just sayin …
      The fact that the system is going to crash is not really breaking news

    • MrUseur says:

      The weather forecast for the coming 24hours. But I am even bad at this.

    • Andreas Alfredsson says:

      Its because we live in special times. The markets are being manipulated
      beyond anyone’s imagination. There is no way you can effectively do any
      sort of technical market analysis under those circumstances. Linguistic
      analysis is vastly more accurate under such conditions.

    • MrUseur says:

      I fully agree. There is not much experience out there with regard to such
      highly manipulated markets. As the next recession probably will hit the
      monetary system in it’s core they power that be try to defer the inevitable
      as long as they can. And thus they use every tool (also illegal ones) to
      borrow time.

  20. William Manders says:

    His interview with Greg Hunter a couple of weeks ago was incredible. He
    predicted a Trump landslide. Smart guy with incredible data….

    • Brad Fuller says:

      How much of the Clinton vote was fraudulent we will never know but we do
      know that it took place.

    • :Amadeus :Moisl. says:

      lookup : David-Wynn: Miller and :Russell-Jay: Gould.

    • Mr99RICH99 says:

      William Manders …….I guess you haven’t listened to him for too long , I
      have listened to his crap since 2008 and he has been so wrong it’s pathetic

    • Brad Fuller says:

      Will you’d be right I haven’t listened or read too much of High’s opinions
      but I do take everything I hear or read with a large dose of salt. Like
      making America “great” by recreating the ‘greatness’ of the conditions in
      Vietnam, China and other “great” societies in America and the rest of the

    • duchess656 says:

      It was a landslide Stephen. Any win that is too large to make the
      globalists’ cheating unviable is a landslide! And that is exactly how Joel
      Skousen’s weekly newsletter explained it.