Jim Sinclair-Financial Pressure Cooker Bomb Cooking Now

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Distinguished gold specialist Jim Sinclair says, "You have a pressure cooker bomb food preparation like the terrorists make use of. It's cooking, as well as it makes gold a warehouse of value and also not a money. It's simply a warehouse of value. It transforms it right into a savings account. The just one that will certainly work. The just one without a counter-party. The just one that doesn't need a market that could sell physical (metal) and significant dimension physical. China and Russia are not buying gold as some type of investment. They are acquiring it as a plan since they see clearly that is no tool left in any person's toolbox to repair what the nerds have done. They have eliminated us, and they have actually killed themselves. There is one fat shark available that is currently ready to experience hunger."

In closing, Sinclair claims, "When it's all stated as well as done, there will be a devastating huge bang, and afterwards the only point that will be left is your interest-bearing account. Your interest-bearing account is not silver, although it will surpass gold, your savings account is going to be gold. It's going to take place due to the fact that all currencies, even the barking buck, are falling in terms of being a warehouse of value. Commercialism is finished. I can't inform you just what the next system will certainly be, however capitalism is over due to the fact that the heart of capitalism is markets. Without markets, you could not have a capitalistic system– it's over."

Sign up with Greg Seeker for one of one of the most compelling and also enlightening interviews of the year with distinguished market as well as gold expert Jim Sinclair of JSMineset.com.

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59 responses to “Jim Sinclair-Financial Pressure Cooker Bomb Cooking Now”

  1. GORGON says:

    “My Government Ends Here” Renzi Loses Italian Referendum, Will Offer
    Resignation” ZH

  2. K Selected says:

    The longer it takes to crash the uglier it’ll be. May heaven help us.

  3. Sabatino Zirolla says:

    he makes good points.. i got so sick of this “market” i withdraw all
    digital cash and bought a condo in my building and rented it out. i rather
    be a landlord, own physical, have something computers can’t manipulate.
    such a shame what they have done. its a wall st casino and rigged just like
    the slots.

    • chargermopar says:

      What happens when there are no more tenants who can afford the rents?

    • Sabatino Zirolla says:

      chargermopar, what kind of stupid question is that? i charge $1200/month
      now $12,000.. the world isnt going to end dude. maybe for you its going
      into the toilet. doesn’t mean the world is dieng.

    • chargermopar says:

      Don’t be a hard headed fool, be aware that things can and do change. I have
      never had to rent a place to live myself, but have been a landlord for more
      than 20 years. You have to realize that there are times when you cannot get
      tenants because they simply do not have the money.

  4. Randy Best says:

    Greg-Another great interview. I have to say that was as concerned as I have
    ever seen Mr. Sinclair. God bless you and many thanks for your efforts in
    keeping us updated.

  5. RocketRadioShow1 says:

    so….all that silver stacking is goimg to pay off?

    • zarni000 says:

      yeah if we still alive though. this thing can go on for decades

    • Donald Reaves says:

      when it crashes, and resets, what retailers will accept PMs for food? when
      it crashes and resets, will the banks give you fair market value? when we
      go all digital, no notes nor coinage, how can PMs help you than? please
      answer me…..and don’t say ….barter……

    • gunsnrosaries says:

      Even if it doesn’t, the Federal Reserve Debt Notes that are retained will
      still be worth nothing or next to nothing……and besides, when in history
      has gold and silver ever been worth nothing or next to nothing?

    • Donald Reaves says:

      so that makes food, water purification the best and wisest investment plus
      another metal called brass

  6. Motivation says:

    Greg this is the best interview ever I’ve heard in months!!!

  7. Motivation says:

    There is so much gold ownership in India. If our markets were to crash and
    the west domino cards fall….India, China, and Russia would be Gold power
    house over night.

  8. Red Pill Lion says:

    Thank you Greg! Telling the truth in a world of lies is a revolutionary
    act! God bless America.

  9. marie joy says:


  10. rodney brumley says:

    I’m amazed that Gold is still selling on eBay for decent prices above spot.
    I bought five Canadian 1oz Maple Leafs for $1,195.00 a piece. Interesting
    tho is Silver prem is $3.50 an oz – most are selling at $20.00 or more an
    oz. I continue to be convinced Silver is the better physical asset – the
    ratios are so out of whack / when it goes back to a historical averages at
    15-1 Silver will then skyrocket. Remember Silver comes out of the ground 9
    times more than Gold – think of it in those terms and you know it’s just a
    matter of time for Silver to be over $100. Last point Silver is used in so
    many ways and in many cases not recycled so less will be available
    Buy Silver

  11. ace 1 says:

    Jim Sinclair broke it down so well that even a simple 11 year old can
    understand the reality of the markets and how behind the scenes there is
    nothing there but a politican smile and wink wink that everything is swell.
    These people that are well to do in life that have such big egos are going
    to really be angry and humiliated when the fan hits the proverbial ceiling
    and things come crashing down.

    • SurfinUSA says:

      Jim is probably richer than all of them but he won’t be on Forbes’ cover.
      His wisdom of clarity is drawn from a life of analyzing and weighing
      different factors to their logical conclusion. His opinion is absolutely
      valid. We lesser lights get caught up in the confusion of the learning
      process and the weakest try to paper it over with hubris. I think he is
      correct about gold being the surviving “safe” place. Silver, in the end,
      will be its poor cousin. Does that mean that there isn’t a killing to be
      made in silver? No, it will give us opportunity to take our profits and try
      to jump on the gold train before it leaves the station.

  12. David Webster says:

    Nothing is going to go wild without civilian population in the DOW. The DOW
    is going to rise and pull all the people into the stock market. The dollar
    and the dow will rise together then gold later.

    • Matt Nelson says:

      In the short term yes.

    • gary gill says:

      Yes I believe you are right. Retail investors are the ones who panic and
      cause market crashes…at the moment there is only institutional money in
      the DOW. Furthermore, there is no where else to go. Deflation will bring
      down gold as well, which will eventually present a buying opportunity. No
      need to panic at the moment.

  13. roger Brownfield says:

    a Goldman Sachs partner is going to be our treasury secretary. A general
    without any military success and part of the pentagon that lost 6.5
    trillion is our defense secretary. And people still think Trump is a
    reformer? They are just mocking us at this point.

  14. Ralph A. Wolf says:

    Yeah! Greg Hunter is a hero! A great American patriot.


    • Ralph A. Wolf says:


      These “guys” are not $elling me anything. This YouTube channel is one of
      328 Internet sources of information… and I extract and analyze what’s
      useful for conducting my own personal affairs.

      Pester someone else with your snarky, know-it-all attitude. Move on.


  15. Marvin Double says:

    During the interview you touched on an important point. Failure of
    predicted market crash to occur. Sinclair did a good job of illuminating
    this critical point. Because the markets no longer exist, real value is
    also nonexistent. In that sense, markets are an unreliable means of
    evaluating the relative value of anything. So, in theory, the crash of the
    real market has already occurred. What we have now is a kind of giant game
    of financial make believe.

    • brian menendez says:

      The only winning move is not to play!

    • Marvin Double says:

      +brian menendez Agreed. All investing, regardless of the reason is
      gambling. As the old saying goes, if you can’t afford to lose, you can’t
      afford to play. The system as it now exists is already a rigged game, and
      so with that point in view losing seems inevitable. The only counter to
      that is to buy things which will aid to long term survival once the system
      finally implodes.

    • brian menendez says:

      you can survive three minutes without air, three days without water, and
      three weeks without food, prepare accordingly. However I am a believer that
      anything is possible including a smooth landing from all this crap

    • Jorge Gomez says:

      +brian menendez i tend to agree with you. but as long as you save you are
      always playing. by default you play long side on the currency, and you
      usually lose on the long run. the system is made to get you money either way

    • brian menendez says:

      +Jorge Gomez I agree, that is why I have been preparing with tangible
      assets, to be used for barter later on .

      “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value: zero.” – Voltaire

  16. l jess says:

    Why only gold and not silver as well?

    • Zeit Cyks says:

      he said silver would outperform but gold would be considered the storehouse
      of wealth… i think just because it is more condensed per value more
      easily stored in great quantities. both will be stores of value though…
      just depends how much you’re storing. six-seven figures might work for
      silver but 10+ figures requires more compact physical.

    • tcptcp20072007 says:

      Apparently JP Morgan has found plenty of storage space for all that pesky,
      hard-to-store silver….

  17. lynd scott says:

    he is Mr. Gold. he is the smartest man in the room.

  18. Oddvar Stallemo says:

    When are we going to see you in Stef’s podcast?

    • Oddvar Stallemo says:

      +joe z Are you joking? Hard to tell without eye contact or tone of voice.

    • joe z says:

      Look me in the eye. No I am NOT joking. Stefan blames the fall of Rome on
      promiscuous women. His latest video excuses men because men were selected
      by women and so we are what women want, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. With
      Stefan its all about the women. Dude, do you even watch his stuff?

    • Oddvar Stallemo says:

      +joe z He blames individuals, not entire groups. And yes, he does focus a
      lot on women’s moral responsibility, and not that much on mens. And that’s
      fine, cause our culture puts an abundance of blame on men. I.e, he is
      providing a bit of a balance.

      Our culture/society is totally fucked, and is getting fucked harder as we
      speak, and I am not assigning any “blame” on any one particular group, but
      it is important to understand all the mechanisms of what is going on around
      us, and why.
      The welfare state is a catastrophe. It is subsidizing single motherhood,
      and taxing the nuclear family, which was the foundation of Western

    • Oddvar Stallemo says:

      +joe z This is exactly what Stef talks about; There are no counter
      arguments to what he sais, only ad hominems and BS like “not all women are
      like that”, and “too broad a brush”.

      If I were to criticize men who beat their wives, how many do you think
      would start yelling “you are a man hater!” or “Not all men beat their
      wives, you are painting with too broad a brush!” or “You got daddy issues!”?
      My guess would be Zero.

      I used to believe in equality, but no longer. Women cant have freedom,
      cause with freedom comes responsibility, and women, over the past few
      decades, have proven that they are not responsible enough to be trusted
      with freedom.