Oil Price May Reach $12 by 2020! Incredible Shale Oil Collapse – Steve St. Angelo Interview

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China's rise, power & oil shale collapse, world debt levels growing exponential & Much more: This has actually reached be our finest interview of the year! Steve St. Angelo is a power, steels and also mining professional with data and also information you just could not receive from any person else. The stats WILL surprise even a veteran in the alternate financial space and this is a need to expect everybody specifically with the IMF SDR basket to add the Chinese Yuan less compared to one month from this launch.

02:30 Diminishing Energy Returns: Something other PM Analysts Do not Talk About
04:55 Background of Oil as well as energy return on Investment
06:00 Technology Does Not Mean Even more Power Return
06:50 $13.5 Trillion in Bonds at Adverse Interest Rates
07:45 Supply vs Need of Oil – Rate to Collapse to $0.
10:00 $12 per barrel Oil by 2020 Prediction.
12:40 Worldwide Silver production to crash 75% by 2025.
16:20 Financial obligation Collapse, base steel mines close, Gold/Silver Spike.
17:30 2.2 Billion Oz of Gold Investment, 2.5 Billion Oz of Silver.
19:40 $3 Trillion in Gold, Only $50 Billion in Silver.
20:50 Silver Might get to 1:10 Ratio to Gold's Cost.
21:20 Pivot East: SDR Backed Bond with Yuan in IMF's basket.
23:00 China will certainly Introduce Dramatically Greater Gold Reserves.
25:10 Indian Gold Purchasing Period to spike Gold Price 2016.
26:00 Yuan in SDR Oct 1st will certainly Change World Financial System; United States Buck & America's globe setting is in jeopardy.
27:30 Quakes from Shale oil to contribute to crash.
29:20 Waste water a huge problem from fracking.
34:30 Financial obligation Growth even worse than rapid, collapse soon.
36:20 Obtain much more from Steve & Buy Steels from Tom Cloud.

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25 responses to “Oil Price May Reach $12 by 2020! Incredible Shale Oil Collapse – Steve St. Angelo Interview”

  1. Todd Morrow says:

    Videos like this literally make my iq go down. These guys will say anything
    to get a commission.

  2. Al, Orange Park, FL says:

    all this stated above will happen assuming that the SHTF event either black
    flag from our own government, external cause i.e. N. Korea or natural
    causes personally I tend to believe that the SHTF will happen in the next
    months not years guess we’ll all have to wait and see on this

  3. jack schitt says:

    the only part i got confused is $12 oil by 2020 when author say oil
    production to collapse, gas station to shut down. Why oil worth less when
    its supply collapsed. This doesn’t make sense. We need more clarification
    on this claim.

    • bonsai treehouse says:

      Could be a collapse in demand. That may make sense if the economies around
      the world collapse into a real depression.

    • jack schitt says:

      there will be no collapse of oil demand, get real. If you wanna live, you
      need oil. Did you listen to the video at all?

  4. narumol jongsawat says:

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    product vac institute in money to market place infinity in price vac rate

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  6. Fairfanx says:

    Big nuts! That’s what this guy sucks. Big hairy nuts. Of course no one
    knows anything until 2025 right? HEY why not make it 2035 or 2055? Keep
    pushin these dates back eventually you’ll be right. In the mean time, big
    hairy nuts !

    • The Shadow Broker says:

      The 75% of all gas stations gone by 2020 stat was pretty interesting though
      and I think is accurate. Battery tech is about to evolve by leaps and

  7. John Perricone says:

    Can you get clear audio? Sounds like talking into a shoebox. Host and the

  8. Ryan Pretchik says:

    Shale oil can never bring oil to $12. Most shale plays cannot even make
    their payments below $40 and can’t function long term below $75.

    • Ken Hinnenkamp says:

      It currently takes 4 dollars of debt funny money to generate 1 additional
      dollar of global GDP. And this debt/GDP ratio has no where to go but up.
      When the exponentially increasing debt collapses and credit freezes, who
      will have money to purchase oil even at $12 per bbl? We better find a
      source of “free” energy, or society is doomed to return to the stone age.

    • Ryan Pretchik says:

      +Ken Hinnenkamp That’s correct, however there is no reason that it has to
      spiral out of control like that. Shale oil is not an “energy revolution”
      as it has been depicted. It is the death rattle of the oil-based energy
      system. Oil is dying and the debt-based monetary system that was designed
      to harness the rapid growth potential that the economy had when oil became
      the driver of the world economy must die with it. All that is really
      needed is to admit that the entire debt-based monetary system is
      unsustainable and institute universal debt repudiation. People forget that
      debt isn’t real. Its an abstract concept. Just wipe it out all at once
      and start over. There is no “free” energy. Energy always has a cost.
      What really matters is net ERoEI, that is the energy produced in excess of
      the energy expended producing energy. Net ERoEI from fully renewable
      sources (wind & solar) is more than sufficient to fuel the
      economy indefinitely AFTER we liquidate the current debt overhang and
      replace the debt-based currency with a wealth-based money that does not
      require the exponential growth of debt. The solution is actually very
      simple its just that the simple solution destroys the stranglehold that the
      bankers have on the world so it is being resisted.

    • Ken Hinnenkamp says:

      Some analysts have reported that shale has never been profitable. It is
      more of a cash flow play. Kind of like Amazon.con. There are no earnings,
      only the ability to leverage debt. Of course this is not sustainable.

    • The Shadow Broker says:

      +Ken Hinnenkamp Yes that’s right shale is also heavily subsidized by the
      government. It’s never really been profitable.

    • Ryan Pretchik says:

      +Ken Hinnenkamp Again, you are correct. The big banks are hiding massive
      losses related to the bust in the shale patch and most of these exploration
      companies will go bankrupt. The problem is that these companies borrowed
      billions to get these projects online spurred on by high oil prices and low
      interest rates. Most of them never had the free cash flow to even pay
      their coupon payments and were relying on oil hedges and new borrowing to
      stay afloat. When oil dropped they had no choice but to keep on pumping
      even though they lose money on every barrel they produce. Why? Because
      shutting down the rigs only cuts operating costs. It doesn’t cut overhead
      and especially doesn’t cut interest. So they pump, at a
      loss, exacerbating over-supply problem because if they fail to make the
      coupon payments on the bonds its game over now vs game over a little later
      as their bonds start to trade at deep discounts because it is clear that
      they will never be able to repay the bond when it comes due and will not be
      able to re-finance the debt. This isn’t over and the losses will be many
      times larger that the losses from the subprime debacle.

  9. Vention1MGTOW says:

    So many people are talking about the economy crashing within a month or
    two. My normalcy bias is going full bore though and I can’t seem to believe
    that it’s possible. Sure in a year or before this recession bottoms out
    (around 2019) but Next month? Oh well. It’s a good excuse to go through
    your preps and see if there’s any last minute items you may need.

    • Youri Carma says:

      Maybe the rock you’re under is too big but we are in a world wide economic
      collapse for more than 8 years now!

    • Vention1MGTOW says:

      +Youri Carma
      *>Maybe the rock you’re under is too big*
      Your insults are pointless. I’m more interested in facts.
      I stopped watching Alex Jones around 2011. The guy had me half convinced
      that my city was going to be nuked. Scared me bad enough to drive my EMP
      proof truck to work and be ready to dive into the pit if I saw a bright
      flash. The guy was really stressing me out. I moved to the survival podcast
      after that. It covers a more sane, all around prepper lifestyle rather than
      the crazy hyper stressful panic that Alex Jones seems to push onto his
      Anything he says is suspect.

    • bill wilson says:

      God bless you and yours

  10. RequiemFor America says:

    Shale oil collapse WOULD lead to skyrocketing oil price eventually, since
    supply would collapse.

    • Youri Carma says:

      The U.S. is not the only oil producer. There are many many others from
      which some haven’t even hit maximum production like Iran, Iraq and Libya to
      name a few.

    • RequiemFor America says:

      +Youri Carma the difference between oil surplus and dire oil shortage is
      paper thin. And demand for more oil is only going to grow (with china,
      india and vietnam etc continuing to grow)

    • Youri Carma says:

      That’s true but I am talking about short and intermediate future and I
      think that is a bit further away with this world wide economic collapse
      going on at the moment.

    • RequiemFor America says:

      +Youri Carma yeah the thing is this vid projects $12 oil in 2020 and that
      just seems absolutely illogical.