Should you buy a house in 2016 or wait and just buy Gold and Silver? Ep 9

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Should you purchase a home in 2016?. Should I purchase a house Currently? Should I get a home? I will certainly malfunction whether is a great idea or a poor suggestion to acquire a house today as well as where you could put your money to acquire extra purchasing power against various other difficult properties.

Dow to Gold Ratio

Instance Shiller House Price Index

Margin Debt Graph

Gold to Silver Proportion

Dow Jones

Gold Cost Inflation-Adjusted

Macro Charts

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50 responses to “Should you buy a house in 2016 or wait and just buy Gold and Silver? Ep 9”

  1. barbre105 says:

    The Federal Reserve is the root of all of our financial issues. End the
    Fed. If you do not know the Federal Reserve (is not Federal and is not
    government). The Federal Reserve is a group of private banks that print our
    money. They print money our of thin air and lend it to the US. It’s true as
    unbelievable as it seems. U-Tube has great video’s on the Federal Reserve
    and it’s history. Look I worked for the Treasury and some of my colleagues
    did not know this.

  2. Brian Denofrio says:

    Very well done!!!

  3. RapperJimmyJames says:

    The answer to this question is easy. Do not buy Gold it’s not an investment
    and is way over inflated. Gold is only good to purchase if you have a lot
    of extra spendable money. Buying Gold is better than paper cash however
    it’s an asset that you can sell and get your money back so it’s basically a
    safe vault. Buying a home is only good if your monthly expense is less then
    the lowest price you can rent for. Otherwise RENT

    • Steve Crossley says:

      So what you’re saying is…Don’t buy gold and don’t buy a house. So the
      answer to the question can’t be that easy because you haven’t answered the

  4. Syed Dawood says:

    Very informative , thanks !

  5. Lexie Mae says:

    Deflation will hit first, then inflation.

  6. MAB says:

    nice analysis but economic predictions in a totally artificial monetary
    system is pointless. We don’t live in a free market and values are not
    determined by suply and demand laws.

    • Benjamin Goulet says:

      MAB i am agreeable to your statement, I’m looking to buy a house. It even
      before looking at videos and charts, history etc I thought housing is way
      inflated, everyone’s buying real estate and homes for a quick investment,
      I’ll wait for the bubble to burst lot just keep renting in poverty places

  7. IceDavide says:

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    to register always free to receive 10 to 50 cents for each registration,
    you can take withdrawals in gold or money on paypal or bank transfer

  8. Mystery Buyer says:

    I will just wait and buy a second house with a couple ounces of silver.
    Housing is not worth hardly anything to me but it’s nice to just have a
    place to crash where you won’t get a bunch of parking tickets.

  9. Stuart Hollingsead says:

    can you do a video on the derivative market? I need to understand it
    better, and you did such a good job with this vid!

  10. Typho0n says:

    Pretty good vid, but never going to get to 1:1 Gold:Silver.
    Gold is being consumed industrially, Its in most electronic connections.

    • Mystery Buyer says:

      Most of the gold is just stored away. Silver is used in 10,000 plus
      industrial applications. There is less silver for investment than gold. Not
      only do I think the ratio will be 1:1 but silver will be worth more than
      gold in value terms. I don’t go out of my way buying gold because it’s all
      about the silver.

  11. Tina Marie says:

    if you have a loan you dont own it

  12. Neil Mason says:

    What you are saying is perfectly logical. One problem, not going to happen.
    The economy is so artificial that hype trumps the law of physics. I have
    been hearing about how gold was supposed to go to $100,000 an ounce and
    silver was going to $10,000 an ounce for about 40 years now – never
    happened. I put $6,000 in marijuana stocks a year ago and they are now
    worth $130,000. Where else are you going to get a return like that?

  13. Michael Wilson says:

    I like the charting added to the macro analysis. Good job. in the early
    80s, interest rates went to like 18%. the Fed is trapped and can’t raise
    due to the governement debt bubble, not to mention stock/housing. economy
    is stagnating. housing is limited by wages, which I think ur right that
    housing will probably not go much higher, if any. this is similar to the
    70s stagflation, but this time the Fed is trapped. fiscal policy is also
    trapped by entitlements/military spending, so unless there is serious
    budget reform, no fiscal stimulus. the Fed will probably keep printing to
    support if we go into recession. in that scenario, gold will go up, housing
    will probably go down due to lost jobs, stocks could go higher, but will
    dip first due to the recession and fed reaction lag. keep up the good work!
    I like your thoughts. if u respond to mine, I’d like to hear it too.

  14. joe z says:

    Wow. Great presentation. I own my home. Paid cash after the crash. It’s
    small, but about the right size for two and is not a speculative
    investment. It’s my home. Let me repeat that because it’s one thing I
    disagree with in this video – It is my home. It is NOT speculation. I have
    a 401k because matching. I’ve cash put aside, not in a bank where the Feds
    can see it, but actual cash. Interest rates are flat so a bank account is
    pointless. And I have metals. Like my home, metals aren’t speculation,
    they’re a hedge, they have intrinsic value and they will never go to zero
    the way fiat currency may. And metals are portable and recognized

  15. russell stone says:

    at 17:24 you say “every 40 years we’re due for a new monetary system.” Why
    then has the Federal Reserve monetary system been in place in US for over
    100+ years? Of course that doesn’t count the FED “bankers” stealing
    America’s Gold in 1933, silver in 1965 and copper later. All were replaced
    with Notes and worthless slugs…

    • productive says:

      im fairly sure nixon in roughly the 1980s (im not american forgive my
      history) stoped the dollar being backed by gold generating a new fiat form
      of currency, if im wrong someone correct me but that wpuld seem to be a new
      monetary system and also about 40 years especially if it takes 4 more to be

    • M Drap says:

      +productive it was the 60’s

    • Sam Sung says:

      +M Drap Actually, it was August, 1971.

    • Common Sense says:

      Nixon closed the gold window in about 1972, if I remember correctly. Prior
      to that time other countries could turn in their US dollars for gold, if
      they chose.


    • Sam Sung says:

      +Common Sense August 15, 1971.

  16. Patrick Banks says:

    Realistically, It is Always a good time to buy a house.
    Renting is simply throwing your money away.
    You can argue that interest and depreciation are just as bad, but really-
    they are Not.
    Even if the market crashes, even if you’re paying ridiculously high
    interest- eventually, that house will be yours. The market could recover.
    The market might crash harder when you need to sell.
    SO WHAT.

    You throw 900$ a month at rent and will never get a CENT back.

    Worst case scenario for a home- you buy it for $200,000- with interest
    you’re paying upwards $400,000, market crashes- you’re still paying off a
    $400,000 loan on a house now valued at $100,000… and now you’re ‘stuck’
    on a house because you don’t want to sell until the value is back up or
    above what you got it for…

    Well. Even if you were paying interest, even if you’re buying when the
    market is high and selling when the market is low- and your equity always
    seems to diminish…

    Us renters are getting screwed so hard it just doesn’t make sense to rent…
    but here I am trying to justify another year of renting myself, because I
    just can’t be bothered to downsize, relocate, save, and settle- not while
    my job is throwing me all around town.

  17. Celestea Deanes says:

    buy a passport and a plane ticket

    • Celestea Deanes says:

      I hear French rural towns are looking for teachers,English. The r.ecruiters
      are on line,head hunting. The urban centers might, but very expensive .If u
      r on your own why not, have fun

    • Celestea Deanes says:

      My gf S in Belize moved ther
      E, they get along, but the urban social pathology is BAD. Iwonder ,probably
      the real estate is getting to high

    • Celestea Deanes says:

      Hi, look up “international development” and…email visit the universities
      web sites. There are “expat” web communities all over… easy to research

    • Mystery Buyer says:

      Expecting something to be any different elsewhere? Home prices are next to
      nothing in some places but that’s about it.

    • Celestea Deanes says:

      …and…is a home is going for next to nothing…’somewhere”..? go look to
      that! there few things more valuable than a home. really high on maslows
      list i hear.

  18. The Anti Sheep says:

    13:15 to 14:50 is priceless! You hit a grand slam with your explanation!

  19. Bill Rundell says:

    We have a surplus of homes on the market.
    It will be 20 -30 years before this turns around.
    Banks have taken off the market the house that were foreclosed on.

    There seem to be no end to the drop of employment.
    There is a storm on the Horizon to the likes we have never seem before,
    including the 1929 Great Depression.

    • Bill Rundell says:

      What an excellent question.
      The banks ” Federal Reserve” and the government work together.

      By keeping reposes house off the market, it shrinks the availible
      houses for sale. Then there must be made additional new houses,
      this stimulates the Housing Market. People get employment.

      The banks got bailout money to keep Fanny May and Freddy Mac from failing.

      Federal Reserve is loaning more new money out. Zero percent down and 3%
      interest loans.
      The banks make their money on closing fees. $ 3000 to $ 4000 right off the

      Our economy is run on a debt based system.

      Lets make an over stated example.
      If there is a $1000 cash in the public hands and the banks print out
      $200,000, for a mortgage.
      Then after you payoff the $200,000, where does the finance charge come from
      of over 30 years adding
      another $ 30,000 interest. Remember there was only a $ 1000 in circulation
      to start.

      Answer the Federal Reserve now makes more loans of $30,000 to add into the

      The banks double and triple down on the this and print of an addition $1
      Interest would be $ 1 billion, but remember that there was only $1000 in
      public hands to start.

      Bank now loans out $ 1 billion to put into circulation. giving banks this

      This continues to where there is now $19 trillion interest to pay back,
      Where does the money
      come from to pay the interest on $19 Trillion, The Government barrows it
      into existence again.

      The government now has to barrow from the Federal reserve $19 trillion plus
      interest of $4 more trillion
      in interest. Where does the 19 + 4 $ trillion come from. It is borrowed

      Remember only $1000 was in existence from the start. .

      We live in a debt based system. Debt is considered money.
      The system we now owe now is in total $1000 Trillion or $1 quadrillion.

      Or it is 100 time our gross nation product.

      It will come a time when we pay $$$$ in grains and food and Americans will
      starve to death.
      This will happen in our life time.

    • Joe April says:

      thanks Bill

    • Lory D says:

      +Bill Rundell Hey Bill, so in your opinion how long before the economy
      destructs and we’re in a depression? Is it possible that the TPP bill if
      passed can alleviate things? The 12 countries associated account for 40% of
      the world trading. Additionally, I’m not sure if you previously addressed
      this but there’s also the option to print more money, which would circulate
      into the economy, is that not a viable option? I understand that it would
      decrease the buying power of the $1 but I imagine it would be a better
      alternative than a complete economic destruction/ failure. Thanks for all
      that you’ve shared so far. 🙂

    • Preston Greene says:

      +Lory D Sorry to butt in.

      The best thing the could do is let it collapse IF the result was a free

      Now, they did “print” more money. it was called QE.

      The problem, that money never went into the economy like our gubermint said
      – it went to the banks and the stock market…..a graph with the m2 money
      supply and the rise in the stock market looks exactly the same – the money
      went to prop up the stock market.

      also, when they print, no matter who gets it…the debt is increased as
      “money” is created out of thin air, loaned to “us” with interest expected
      to be paid back (the interest has never been created).

      So when does it “go”? whenever TPTB want it to go.

    • Bill Rundell says:

      So many topics you have covered. I believe there will be a war that the US
      will start to cover up the currency crises.

      1929 will seem like a birthday party compared to the world situation.
      During 1929 crash 12 million people
      starved to death in the US.

      Recently EBT cards for food was interrupted. 500,000 SNAP food assistance
      was ended.
      When people go hungry, they can burn down entire cities like LA and NYC,

      Banks are doing it again. Zero interest, Zero down to people who can not
      make payments. These mortgages will be bundled up and sold to Fanny Mae and
      Freddy Mac. ” TOO Big TO FAIL.

      All these things we see will come to pass, but the end is not yet. Bible.

      The US will sell it’s food to pay for the debt we owe, and Americans will

      When will the crash happen??? Will war break out first or after the Nov.
      Neither Trump nor Hilary are the answer.

      America has become the tyrant of the world. Our only export day is war.

      I am a Christian and look for Jesus to return in the clouds. We shall be
      changed in a twinkling of an eye.
      I keep my garments clean and my vessel filled with oil.

      I am a person many years and look forward to going home. I am only a
      sojourner here on earth.
      I long to hear my Jesus to say, well done good and faithful servant.

      We have been set free.

  20. Silver The Antidote says:

    fantastic video and nicely presented. your info is the same view as i hold.

    • MDemZ says:

      +finn bell Why would the banks love low rates= less return on investment
      aka loans

    • Silver The Antidote says:

      you need to learn about money creation! loans are so last century. its all
      about derivatives now. check out my videos to aid you

    • Geert Rutte says:

      Ohyeah ? The FED hasnt raised interest rates hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • finn bell says:

      +MDemZ if rates are low then house prices are high – so ppl will need to
      borrow more and this is nice for banks.

      if rates are high then house prices are lower (historically being inverses
      of each other), so some ppl may be able to put down a bigger down payment
      (or pay in cold hard cash!), which means they’d borrow less even on a
      higher interest rate. therefore, the banks would earn less.