Silver Stackers Warning: Elite Royals Want to Break your Habbit – Charles Savoie

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Silver history specialist that's recognized by David Morgan is here to discuss possible confiscation by 2017 of gold & silver and the that, what when where and also why of the control as well as conspiracy theory to reduce genuine loan from the general public.

02:30 Would Federal government Nationalize and Steal Priceless Metals?
13:00 When and Why would they Seize? What Costs?
19:20 Removal of Silver as cash Started Collapse of China
28:00 Prospective Tax obligation on Silver Investments
30:00 2016 Political election, trump to bring US back to Britain
34:30 Just what's Taking place in Texas: Gold not Offered
38:00 Obtain Study from Charles on Silver

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57 responses to “Silver Stackers Warning: Elite Royals Want to Break your Habbit – Charles Savoie”

  1. Don Desnoo says:

    1933 allowed common people to hold gold coins except 33 they were after
    large holders of bullion. I had copy of the decree . don’t remember amt.was
    25 oz or so.

  2. Mary Davis says:

    6:43 mark it skips some kind of editing was done

  3. jerry esters says:

    silver and gold has been a wonderful investment and is real money with real
    value unlike fiat currency or what used to be called the petro dollar .Dont
    be afraid right now jump in and hedge your wealth because the elites are
    collasping the economy and the dollar on purpose to hide there other sins
    .agenda 21 chemtrails flouridated water gmo.s depopulation and the mother
    bond birth certificate wallstreet slave scam google strawman and
    sustainability.peace to all believers and good people please educate

  4. Steve Elder says:

    They are commodities no different than corn or wheat.

    • Ross Galbraith says:

      +Johnny S. Don’t be obtuse. This is like saying you can’t eat dollars. Or
      credit cards. Or checks. Duh.
      But gold and silver are money, and have been for thousands of years. They
      are a unit of exchange and a store of value. Google Mike Maloney’s Hidden
      Secrets of Money series. He does a great job explaining monetary history.

    • Johnny S. says:

      +Ross Galbraith Yes, they are indeed store of value, but no real value on
      its own. Its based on trust in their value, which can disapear fast during
      collapse. In that scenario guns and ammo would be priority, then food,
      water, medicine etc, because of their actual usefulness. There would be
      incentive of trading such thing for “useless precious metals”. But I hope
      it wont come down to such scenario and we will come back to using precious
      metals as currency. Its fairly convenient and definitely way better then
      fiat currency.

    • Ross Galbraith says:

      +Johnny S. Agreed you better have your other supplies laid in before
      worrying about PMs. In my mind they are a way to preserve wealth. Mainly
      because governments cannot conjure PMs into existence.

    • Kevin Quinn says:

      You better have both guns/ammo and silver/gold. Both will have value to
      someone. But keep in mind if SHTF, commodities like salt, pepper, sugar and
      spices will have a tremendous premium. Salt was traded for gold in bygone

    • Pablo Malaga says:

      No, they are different because they are commodities that work as money:
      they last, they can be divided, are increasingly hard to find. Only a gov
      troll would equate gold with corn or silver with rice.

  5. francis mcdonnell says:

    more lies from David morgan

  6. William R Nicholson says:

    Lots of good info contained however there are many audio dropouts on side
    of the guest. It is most annoying but if you can stand it then listen.

  7. Walter Prunzik says:

    The price of silver has been manipulated to such lows because the paper
    silver has been grossly oversold.90 billion dollars over physical

  8. Anthony Poole says:

    yea good luck finding mine lol

  9. uwantsun says:

    They think it’s going higher? Making me laugh! THEY CONTROL THE PRICE. They
    will confiscate when they are ready to truly run it up, not before.

  10. TIOMKIN1 says:

    Another horrible sounding video. 2nd request FIX IT.

  11. fh horn says:

    This sounds like a ad from the “Silver Industry”

  12. bob moore says:

    The British Royal Family ownes only 20,000 shares of the one million shares
    of the Crown Corporation. There are one thousand other owners of these
    shares like the other members of the Black Nobility, the financial houses
    of the Rothschild, Warberg, Schiff, Oppenheimer, families like the Pratt
    and Russell. The Crown Corporation is run by a committee of five. The
    dervative debt bomb is simply too large so it cannot be reconcilled and
    therefore it will implode.

  13. lynd scott says:

    “why is gold money, why is silver money?” Charles Savoie has spent a
    lifetime, over 40 years, studying & researching silver. He is the expert’s
    expert. I’ve studied & read everything he has written. “why is gold money,
    BEEN MONEY, except for the last 100 years in the U.S. & longer in England &
    Europe. the royals & their ilk do not want the paper money, they want the
    real money, the gold & the silver ……….. & SO SHOULD YOU !!! do not
    fall for the paper money scam. it is worthless.

  14. Omar Touzani says:

    The only one above the Rothschild and the Rockefeller is Lucifer.

    • fwupow says:

      +Power Gear Thank you. I’m aware that Yahweh is another popular
      pronunciation. The truth is that nobody really knows what the original
      pronunciation was because the Hebrew texts only had the four consonants
      YHWH. Jehovah is long time popular English pronunciation. Many people think
      that it’s a Jehovah’s Witness invention and thus hate it when actually it’s
      just an English pronunciation which long predated Jehovah’s Witnesses. JWs
      merely recognized that God had a name and that this should be known and
      used. God isn’t going strike down anyone for not pronouncing it exactly
      when it’s not even possible to know how to pronounce it correctly. He does
      however not take kindly to people who try to hide the fact that he has a
      name and/or try to convince people that he’s the same person as his son

    • jerry esters says:

      what nope Jehova is above all and a choice but the darkness has its masses
      and have chose lucifer whom will lose as it is written.

    • Power Gear says:

      +jerry esters Yahweh is before Jehovah. Remember, no letter “j” 1650. first
      King James version (1611) has no “j”. no jehovah, no jesus.

    • Power Gear says:

      +Power Gear Yahweh or Yahveh works for me

  15. cheri mcnally says:

    Thanks for letting us hear what this man had to say! He introduced some new
    insights that definitely merit consideration!

  16. ComicCommando says:

    Ebay just changed its policy on ebay gift cards (only 2 k can be used per
    60 days and ebay gift cards can’t be used for bullion ie coins, gold,
    silver, bars, ingots. I find this just another instance to restrict the
    purchases of free people.

    • halakukhan says:

      +ComicCommando Its not something that companies implementing, its U.S.
      Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
      I don’t know how amazon could possibly get around it.

    • halakukhan says:

      +ComicCommando and I think it was back in 2012 when it all started

    • LogicalDeduction says:

      The technical analysis on gold and silver looks interesting right now…
      Buy physical!

    • ComicCommando says:

      That is just not true as of mid July 2016 you could still buy anything on
      ebay with ebay gift cards. The information you have is false.

    • damok9999 says:

      I never understood gift cards, or cared about them.

  17. Chuffing Ale says:

    Why not gold? There is something fishy about the way silver is being
    pedaled. Gold is money. Silver is not.
    I’m not trying to take the wind from silver sellers sales, I’m just curious
    what has happened to gold?

    • yougottabekiddinmee says:

      +ChuckHydro That it is.

    • ChuckHydro says:

      +yougottabekiddinmee I’m glad we can agree on something, ha! For just as we
      are told in Rev.13 the A/C will come over the earth like a storm. The real
      problem with that is understanding why he is able to do so and you can find
      the answer to that in Mat Ch.24, Mark Ch.13 and Luke Ch.21. It’s all about
      who he is pretending to be as Christ will tell you, don’t be deceived by
      him, good luck!

    • Kevin Quinn says:

      Silver is a better value to every day people. If you have the big money go
      for the gold. But if the ratio of mined gold to mined silver ever is
      honored with pricing one to the other, silver value is clearly being
      suppressed as it is nine times more prevalent than gold, but is priced 69
      times cheaper than gold. Something has to give. They can’t keep it down
      forever by printing monopoly money. Your better off buying food, water
      purification, and fuel. But, really nothing will matter if the grid comes
      down and there are relentless hoards of starving people, turned savage,
      roaming the streets, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Then
      you have to think about all of the foreign soldiers Obama has brought in to
      disarm the people. And sellouts among the police and military who are out
      for themselves. Any way you look at it, it don’t look pretty.

    • skirts365 says:

      Yes it was a complete sorry bullshit claim.

  18. lamont814 says:

    Donald Trump owns the building that APMEX operates out of. Trump requires
    them to pay their rent in gold bullion every month. He is hardly going to
    allow anyone to confiscate our gold let alone his.

    • Jonathan Rivera says:

      +lamont814 Trump makes his money the “honest way”? lol that guy steals from
      everyone. Bankrupt 4 times to get ahead of the tax system. Give me a break,
      who do you think covers those losses. If it wasng for the 200 million
      trumps daddy gave him from inheritance, trump would be selling hotdogs

    • Writer1984 says:

      You obviously don’t pay attention to anything he says. Did you not watch
      his speech in Milwaukee?

    • Bruce Wayne says:

      Yes. And why would he be the biggest promoter of the 2nd amendment in that
      case? It would be absolute bloodshed civil war between the people and the

    • william gusmao says:

      i agree with you my friend

    • Pamela Rice says:

      lamont814 I’m going to look into it. Amazing if this is true.

  19. fwupow says:

    Sound keeps cutting out.