Snort: Donna Brazile says Rush Limbaugh is scared to discuss ‘the facts’ of O-care!/donnabrazile/status/308664313550368768

This is just. Too. Good. After failing to tie her rising health insurance premiums to Obamacare (derp) and then blaming the escalating costs on “price gauging” (double derp), Brazile is going for the trifecta. This afternoon, she suggested that “poor Rush Limbaugh” give her a call so she can school him on “the facts” about Obamacare.

As Captain Picard would say, make it so.

@donnabrazile lmao….you didnt even realize Obamacare was in effect until your momentary lapse of disinformation last week

— Steven Shaw (@czechov) March 4, 2013

@donnabrazile Maybe you could tell him that your healthcare rates went up recently. Did you ever figure out why? #Obamacare

— Dirk Carney (@dcarney) March 4, 2013

@donnabrazile Have you figured out why your premiums went up yet?

— JWF (D) (@JammieWF) March 4, 2013

Oh, Donna … bless your heart.



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