The Biggest Economic Crash in History | Mike Maloney and Stefan Molyneux

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In the flux of never ever prior to seen financial uncertainty, Stefan Molyneux and Mike Maloney discuss the difference in between currency and also money, the historic function of gold as cash, the dependence of the United States federal government on wall surface road for tax obligation profits, the function of the Federal Book in the development of unsteady financial bubbles, the opportunity of depreciation, $20,000 gold and exactly how you can shield on your own in these uncertain economic times.

Michael Maloney is the owner and owner of, an international leader in gold and silver sales as well as is also the writer of the bestselling precious metals investment book of all time, "Overview of Investing in Gold & Silver: Shield Your Financial Future."

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69 responses to “The Biggest Economic Crash in History | Mike Maloney and Stefan Molyneux”

  1. ghost says:

    Politicians don’t know anything, only string up things and creating
    controversy to promote their own ambitions

  2. I Comment says:

    Tick tock. Tick tock.

  3. Cicero Araujo says:

    and the mind said : let there be bitcoin

  4. Vanquish Audio says:

    Bitcoin is better money

  5. Grant Goldberg says:

    The Federal Reserve Bank is the embodiment of the 5th plank of the
    Communist Manifesto. They are the enemy of our Founding Fathers, our
    Constitution and us! The bankers are the coup d’ état. If we do nothing to
    stop them, we deserve what we get.

  6. GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) says:

    Thanks so much for having me on your show Stefan, this was fun. Can’t get
    the image of a giant quid playing a kazoo out of my head.

    • Lethal says:

      +MRSketch09 i can understand why you say that, but really, if you have a
      few hundred dollars in the bank, its better to be in an asset that is
      indexed for inflation, rather in Cash Based assets like options and shares,
      you want to own the stuff that is in demand when the recession hits….
      poeple flood to so called Safe Havens, and what he is saying that
      Governments and global financial elitists have done everything they can to
      monopolise the safe havens for them selves, but there is one asset you can
      still get and it has no Government or Elitist influence at all…..
      Gold…. Physical in the Hand Gold…… if you can get a hold of one or 2
      oz’s this could rise to a value that allows you to put a deposit down on
      the assets that have deflated in price and will grow in value as the
      government intervenes…

    • Lethal says:

      +The Oscar Report you miss the point, Roths are Financial Giants, not as
      big as public Banks, but big enough and with out regulation and taxes.

    • Fiddle Neck says:

      +Mike Maloney Thank you for sharing. You mentioned putting gold and silver
      into an IRA. Could you do a video explaining this. How does that work? Can
      I use physical metals? What are the pros and cons? Thank you.

  7. Ian Moone says:

    Stefan, I think its about time you bring Donald Trump onto your show

  8. Ashtyn Creel says:

    Willem Dafoe knows so much about currency.

  9. Ronnie Libra says:

    Stefan. Can you do a talk on how Conor McGregor beat Jose Aldo?

    Your biggest fan

  10. Andrew Marchese says:

    “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”.

  11. Aussie Anarchist says:

    As someone who works in the financial industry as a wealth adviser – out of
    all the analysts I’ve followed in the industry, I would have to say that
    Mike Maloney has the best understanding of money (currency) and the bigger
    economic picture than anyone else I’ve come across. Very sound logic,
    common sense etc backed up by simple factual information. I’d really like
    to see a duel debate team of Mike Maloney and Peter Schiff vs say Paul
    Krugman & (can’t think of one right now)

    One of these guys from the Modern Monetary Theorist camp. If you haven’t
    heard of them, google it. Basically they believe that the government should
    just spend whatever money it needs and just create the money to do it.
    Economic Unicorns.

    • Finnish Anarchist says:

      +Aussie Anarchist You are strawmaning Modern Monetary Theorists. They are
      saying that government should spend as much as is needed to maintain full
      employment. When full employment is achieved and inflation starts to
      accelerate, government should cut spending and raise taxes. It’s basically
      the idea of functional finance which was invented by Abba Lerner.

    • Aussie Anarchist says:

      +Finnish Anarchist I’m very confused that an Anarchist is defending Modern
      Monetary Theorists! You gotta explain that one to me. Modern Monetary
      Theory is basically uber socialism. I agree with your explanation above of
      how MMT works, but how do you think that would go in practice, with
      politicians allowed to spend infinite amounts of money to achieve full

      Minimum wage at $200 per hour and government spending $5 quadrillion per
      year on social welfare programs!

    • Finnish Anarchist says:

      +Aussie Anarchist I’m not even defending them. I just don’t like
      strawmaning. Full employment policies were quite common back in the 1950s
      and 1960s, and they worked pretty well; economies grew quickly,
      unemployment remained low, income inequality went down, and real wages grew
      steadily. Was that also a period of “uber socialism”?
      I don’t understand why you, along with many other libertarians, take these
      things to extremes suggesting things like “minimum wage at $200!” or
      “government spending $5 per year!”. If government spends extreme amounts of
      money, it can, of course, cause high inflation.

    • Aussie Anarchist says:

      +Finnish Anarchist well said mate and I appreciate your unbias view. I
      don’t think we should assume causality. Just because economies did well in
      the 1950’s and 1960’s, doesn’t mean those full employment policies were a
      good idea.

      Governments are already spending extreme and record amounts of money. Just
      because we haven’t suffered the consequences yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t a
      problem. Governments around the world are about $62 trillion in debt and
      that’ll be hundreds of trillions more if they keep their promises to pay
      social security, medicare etc.

      What happens when those bills come due? It’s kind of like having a mate
      who’s drinking a bottle of whiskey every day and you warn him of the
      dangers. He might enjoy a few years of partying it up every night, but he’s
      playing with fire.

    • Finnish Anarchist says:

      +Aussie Anarchist “Just because economies did well in the 1950’s and
      1960’s, doesn’t mean those full employment policies were a good idea.”

      But according to Austrian analysis, government intervention only leads to
      inefficient outcomes and depressions, which clearly wasn’t the case.
      Despite that I think there are good reasons to believe that economies did
      well due to full employment policies. For example, constant demand for
      people’s labour combined with powerful trade unions led to steady wage
      increases which resulted in lowered income inequality.

      “What happens when those bills come due?”

      The point MMT people are trying to make is that there is no nominal
      constraint on government spending, because government can issue unlimited
      amounts of its currency. (Of course, this is not to say that all government
      spending is good, because it can lead to inflation.) The real issue is
      whether the real economy can provide goods and services in exchange for
      those benefits.

  12. constellate says:

    18 year old unemployed

    dunno what to do about this info lol

    • blueyedxy1 says:

      Quadrillion,,,,,, mathematics,, just going to infinity,,, don’t
      worry-bought -it,,,,, lol

    • john smith says:


      You have a head start from other 18 years olds by asking that question and
      listening to this interview. The others are in the basement right now
      playing video games…

      You’re in a big city, Toronto so you’ve got some opportunities. you also
      have your age going for you. try new things that you find interesting for a
      job, maybe ones you don’t. even if they don’t work out you have many years
      to switch over. At the same time, don’t waste it. Make a plan, ANY plan and
      stick to it.

      Master a foreign language (Spanish is fine, but go for something big, like
      Chinese Mandarin). You don’t need college for that either, learn on your
      own or get a tutor, perhaps a native Chinese student who wants to learn
      English in exchange (for free).
      Unless you want to be an Engineer, Doctor or Sciences, I would not suggest
      a University. Maybe community college.

      Nothing wrong with staying at home to save money as long as possible, just
      don’t become complacent.

      Biggest thing is to get an Internship, even if un- paid. Work experience
      counts MUCH more than class room experience. (you might have to be a
      “student” to qualify, so again community college.

      Don’t be afraid to re-locate, in fact even going abroad is a great idea.
      Again, use your age to your advantage. Best time in your life to be mobile
      and go anywhere. You won’t be able to do that easier than at your age.

    • MRSketch09 says:

      +Thorkil Værge Wow.. that’s a real word with a real definition. I am in
      shock, just because of the combination of wording..I can’t believe there is
      anything rational about ignorance.. in any sense.

    • azzat1 says:

      Buy a metal detector and a spade

  13. Miguel A says:

    Excellent job Stefan! This one is < > ;)

  14. Ibpn says:

    “they’re not that smart, but they think they are”…… sadly though “they”
    are running things.

  15. NoctisAugustus says:

    Come WW3, my body is ready.

    • FLYBOY805 says:

      +Jeroen Nouwens lol… that’s some crazy stuff

    • Jeroen Nouwens says:

      Do you wanna live or not? Hahah. Also bring lots of luck.

    • FLYBOY805 says:

      +Jeroen Nouwens i know were i can buy some luck…at a store i know =)

    • Jeroen Nouwens says:

      Nah, because roids are going to be impossible to find during the Big
      Upheaval, and then you’re going to collapse yourself: hormones plummeting,
      gains disappearing, not getting a hard-on to go chase a herd of unclaimed
      females roaming the wreckage of 21st century civilization. Just build the
      20 inchers all natty and good luck with that 😉

      17 inchers with titanium plating on top is also good enough.

  16. Zack8133 says:

    One day I am going to buy you an analog compressor/limiter to attach your
    microphone to before it reaches the computer so that you never have a
    distorted audio clip again. This video could also benefit from some
    acoustic foam in the room to dampen the echo.. but even with the slight
    quality issues in terms of audio, this channel and all your work has given
    me more value and is higher quality than any other production on YouTube.
    Keep up the good work and thanks again for another great video.

    • Zack Harris says:

      Stef, you don’t need acoustic treatment unless you’re going to be recording
      instruments or mixing music. I’d stick with compression/limiting.

  17. davincij15 says:

    People need to understand the last 2 times the dollar was devalued, the
    world did not end. When the Fed goes bust we will still have dollar, we
    will still have trade, we still will have the internet. Life will go on.
    But will you be better off or worse off?

    • Website guy says:

      +Robert Rak It could get extremely bad I hope you have stored some food .
      Rice and beans are cheap and they last a long time with no refrigerator.
      Collapse would stop food delivery . Then people get mean.

  18. Ola Nordmann says:

    Awesome video!

    • Ola Nordmann says:

      +Wyoming Horseman Economic collapse is one thing. I think the next
      financial crisis is gonna trigger a religious/civil war.

    • Ola Nordmann says:

      +dino sgura Norway’s sole source of income, is oil.
      We have virtually no factories, our infrastructure is a joke, we have an
      aging population and ever more people dependent on our corrupt-to-the-core

    • Ola Nordmann says:

      +Marko Skace Who has taken more of your money under threat of force? Who
      has killed more innocents? Who is responible for more death and destruction?
      Governments of individuals?

      You are afraid your child will be molested, so you higher a pedophile as a
      That is about as ridiculous an idea as worrying about criminals and
      therefore wanting the State to protect you.

    • Ola Nordmann says:

      +Moragauth Jepp! Sørlending her.

  19. John Doe says:

    Relax nothing will happen. I have some cool-aid for sale.

    • kajani says:

      +Finnish Anarchist End of the decade is probably too soon. The problem I
      see is that there are many commentaries on the distorted debt trend the
      federal US is on but no clear marker (because I’m not sure there is any
      single one). Maybe a watershed event will be when the annual gov bond sale
      total = the annual gov interest payment total? I’m going to have to dig
      deeper. One item I see missing here is corporate income tax has dropped
      significantly for over the past 1/2 century but personal income tax has
      remained about the same, as percentages of fed revenues. Puzzle. Hyvasti.

    • Finnish Anarchist says:

      +kajani You can have your own predictions, but Maloney himself has said
      that the collapse and hyperinflation will happen by the end of the decade.

    • kajani says:

      I try to keep an open mind but I do remind myself that the man is primarily
      in the business of selling gold. I also remind myself that it took decades
      for the pound sterling to fall from grace as THE reserve currency. That
      clock started ticking down circa WWI and didn’t stop until Breton Woods..

    • Website guy says:

      I love kool aid