The Perfect Economic Storm Is Here – Mike Maloney Speech At Silver Summit

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Private Breakout Session link: Never prior to in history have all the governments of the world put down the structure for the best economic storm. And in this just-released presentation from Mike Maloney, you'll find why we can not avoid it. It was videotaped LIVE at the 2015 Silver Top. And it's packed with brand-new study that verifies an economic crisis of legendary proportions is goinged straight toward us. As you would certainly expect from Mike, it's all set out in mind-blowing charts everybody could recognize. This talk comes on the 10-year anniversary of Mike's uncanny 2005 Silver Summit look where he made several amazingly accurate forecasts. They were out of favor at the time yet several have already happened. Back then, he said the property bubble would burst. As well as it would certainly trigger a tidal wave of repossessions sending a crisis around the world quickly through by-products. This was 2 years PRIOR TO Ben Bernanke also admitted there was any kind of real estate bubble. As well as it happened. Mike likewise said supplies would certainly collapse. They did 3 years later on. And also he stated that these occasions would cause deflation. Yet that Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve at the time, would certainly do every little thing in his power to stop that. He said Bernanke would certainly re-inflate stocks, bonds, and property with an unprecedented quantity of loan printing. This also happened. Now, Mike discloses exactly what's coming next. As well as it might catch 99% of all financiers off guard.

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46 responses to “The Perfect Economic Storm Is Here – Mike Maloney Speech At Silver Summit”

  1. Sabatino Zirolla says:

    the only storm is for gold and silver. the central banks have made sure
    markets will never crash, gold will be like aluminum, and cashless
    societies so they can keep this going..brexit rally, trump rally, italy
    referendum rally.. in stocks not metals. PPT baby.

  2. Mike George says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Maloney for your great work and your quest to inform
    the public at large as to the risks we all facein the immediate future as
    our currency and economy teeter on the brink of collapse. Looking at
    the popularity of “crooked hitler-y………errrr…..Hillary” one can only
    be dismayed at the possibility that enough of the citizenry will awaken in
    time to save their portfolios.

  3. MrLTiger says:

    If you bought silver at the beginning of this year in canadian dollars, you
    have made 46% gains in less than a year. Looks like the brutal bear market
    is dead

  4. kings17court says:

    There is a group of us that believe that the market is headed for a huge
    downturn …. like possibly down to 6,000 to 7,000 on the DOW. My financial
    advisor thinks that the next recession will just be a traditional
    “cyclical” recession, not anything major. His question was what exactly is
    going to cause it to be so major? He doesn’t see anything out there that
    would justify a major move down. My answer was all the money printing that
    has taken place since the 2008 meltdown, and how warped and fragile it has
    made the market. Does anybody out there have an answer to what will cause
    the huge downturn that we expect in the future?

  5. Allan Newman says:

    Of late the financial pundits have been predicting a crash and advocating
    gold and silver as the safest place to put ones hard earned money.
    Considering the fraud that the markets and Wall Street perpetrated in 07
    and 08 what is it to say that the gold people are selling gold that they
    don’t have? And, are the markets holding off confessing there shenanigans
    till after the election, which seems logical?

  6. Todd White says:

    If the stocks are in an overvalued state making gold in an undervalued
    state (5-10 ratio split) and then anything over that 10*value stocks in a
    severe bubble and gold is severely undervalued and we are buying the gold
    during this time period what happens to the value of gold when the bubble
    pops thereby tightening the ratio? Wouldn’t it drop severely. It would seem
    an investor would have to be prepared to sell right away, but then who does
    he sell to since everyone is now watching the value of gold plummet.

  7. Michael P. Shipley says:

    BBB (Bring Back the Beard)

  8. Folkvar says:

    I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on PM miners, do you invest in those
    too or are do you buy physical only?

  9. Antony Quigley says:

    he pointed straight to 27 dollars per barrel of oil “i think we’ll see oil
    drop to around here” wow. he was right

  10. Scott Stankis says:

    Our time has come fellow stackers, time to reep our reward…

  11. Chartoise says:

    Very informative… I just ordered some silver :P

  12. Brian Waller says:

    Thanks to Mike, I now know how much of a rigged game the monetary system

  13. Bill Smit says:

    Why did Mike miss the Paper Short Phenomenon that is stopping all Metal
    from taking off? It appears that this is impossible to now stop.

    • Calvin Crawford says:

      +Mike Maloney Gold prices are artificially low today by the amount of
      propaganda touting the evils of GOLD. The NWO does not want people to own
      Gold at any amount. The elite and wealthy are buying gold today so their
      current cash will have a much higher purchasing power once things level out
      and all assets like real estates and companies will be sold at just pennies
      on the dollar.

      During the great depression, whole city blocks in New York City were sold
      for gold at bargain prices. Patience is the investors best tactic if you
      want to convert wealth into greater wealth.

      Mike, your videos are very profound and the information is spot on. You
      still need to create other videos to appeal to the younger generations and
      those who cannot handle all the stale seminars. Stories even fictional can
      impact society even greater than boring seminars.

      Make story lines to show how all these possible events will change the
      family and you will win over many more subscribers and clients for

      I would like to work with you on my crowdfunding program. Please email me

    • Mathew Bateman says:

      +Calvin Crawford please explain what is gold Crowd funding?

    • Calvin Crawford says:

      +Mathew Bateman email me your contact info and let’s talk

    • Mathew Bateman says:

      +Calvin Crawford
      thank you…

    • Kerry Xin says:

      +Calvin Crawford How does crowd funding work for buying gold? Doesn’t
      really make sense to me based on my understanding of crowdfunding.

  14. horsefaceemily says:


    • horsefaceemily says:

      +John James I hate to say this but the people should rebel fast and not
      wait a cecond longer. I hope your wright Mr Gold Finger ! Blond here 700.

    • Calvin Crawford says:

      +horsefaceemily the executive order of Roosevelt was declared illegal by
      the supreme court unfortunately after many Americans obeyed that illegal

      What you really need to worry about is that the US Government via FEMA owns
      30,000 guillotines. What about those plastic body boxes to store the bodies
      of 10 decapitated people at a time. This is reality.

      These are all facts much scarier than taking money.

    • horsefaceemily says:

      +Calvin Crawford Hang on whats that to do with gold recall ? I no more
      about FEAM then any one I found out years back one of the first.The plastic
      coffins will fit 4 large Americans ,trhe 30,000 guilatine`s Is a joo
      tactic to scare people.Onr guilatine was made for an exebition and ever
      since this storys got around. I will say were all going to be kulles
      that’s for sure unless we do something.

  15. nature1upclose says:

    Here in México i use to buy my silver in Banco Azteca, but the last few
    weeks they have not been able to provide me with any, “is getting scarce”
    they say. Gonna have to look in other places maybe a bit more expensive.

    • Rick Torbet says:

      +MrLTiger It’s abundant everywhere. If it wasn’t abundant, how are
      countries all over the globe minting millions of silver coins? How are
      small mining companies reporting millions in revenues from silver all over
      the globe?

      Please stay in Mexico where you can’t find any silver. We already have
      plenty of uneducated Mexicans in the USA.

      My bad, you aren’t the original Mexican who was griping.

    • nature1upclose says:

      Banco de Mexico is not sending silver coins to commercial banks as in the
      past, i think they are exporting most of it to get dollars, i received a
      mail from Peter Schiff bussines announcing they have 20,000 mexican silver
      ounces ready to sell, that explains the shortage in my country.

    • Rick Torbet says:

      +nature1upclose Mexico is corrupt in every sense of the word and every
      facet of your lives. I will add you and your country to my prayers. May
      you one day fight back and win back your country and be free. Google “is
      it legal to own silver in Mexico.” I found some interesting articles about
      various rumors and myths regarding Mexico and silver.

    • nature1upclose says:

      +Rick Torbet

  16. The LOLbertarian says:

    I am a huge fan of Mike Maloney – I just wish he would give a passing
    mention to the Platinum market once in a while. Because that seems to be an
    amazing buy right now.

    • GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) says:


    • The LOLbertarian says:

      At first I was a bit hesitant to accept this – but after thinking about it
      you are right again. When the market finally flips platinum may go to the
      moon but it well be next to impossible to liquidate.

    • AtlantisArch says:

      +Brian0wns it all depends if your aim is to get back to fiat currency after
      the great correction (in order to stick to wealth cycles theories mike
      already prensented), or if your aim is to end those lies forever. Mike
      underestimate the age of the internet. I bet we will never ever again get
      back to fiat currencies, but will have something completly new before our
      very own eyes. Internet IS the main storm. Lies are going to die before
      they can even spread around. And so will fiat currency, election and mass
      medias. One thing is for sure : it’ll be really difficult to predict
      whatever is going to happen after that. In my own I will just deversify in
      real metals. Everything in the same bucket is just not wise right now.

    • Rick Torbet says:

      +Brian0wns Platinum doesn’t have the industrial demand it once did. Like
      Brian says, it’s near impossible to liquidate… even at its current
      price. None of the local coin shops I visit occasionally in Denver will
      buy it from me. I look at it like a rare car. The rich want it, ’cause no
      one else has it.

    • Calvin Crawford says:

      +Rick Torbet There are 24 hour markets to liquidate any precious metal…
      But I can sell Gold anytime at zero cost and take my cash from the buyer
      any way I want…. You need to find these places on and offline if you want
      diversity and the ability to get cash asap…

  17. Christopher Franko (Sr) says:

    How do you feel about cryptocurrency?

    • ConsideringPhlebas says:

      +Tobots Wholesale
      In real terms, in 1950 gold was about the equivalent of $350 today:
      “people will run to when it rises, and when it falls they’ll run away and
      leave it.”
      Same with gold or any investment.
      “i prefer gold cause i can do a lot more with it than i can with bitcoin.”
      Like what? Use it as an over-priced paperweight?
      “But please, stop telling lies “Bitcoin is up several thousand” LOL, yea in
      Disney Land?”
      I wrote ‘several thousand *%*’ FFS!

    • chronotriggerfan says:

      +Chartoise You don’t know the difference between your and you’re. See, I
      can use logical fallacies, too. Substanceless prick.

    • TonyBeanify says:

      +Christopher Franko (Sr) why are you asking it if you already had an answer
      that you won’t allow it to be wrong?

    • Christopher Franko (Sr) says:

      Because I was asking him. The speaker how he felt. 🙂

  18. MiMi SeeYou says:

    Mike I have been following you, economy, and world events since only
    August. I have learned so much from you! I am so proud of you for being
    public about dyslexia. I have it as well and I hide it from employers. I
    believe in myself, and I believe in your research. Thank you so much for
    helping the public. Your videos are incredible.

    • william smith says:

      +Mike Maloney Mike your videos get better by the day thank you.

    • william smith says:

      +Sally Salamander Same here

    • Justin Bailey says:

      +Sally Salamander He has a good speaking voice doesn’t he. It sure helps.

    • YamiShadow Kitty says:

      +Sally Salamander As a dyslexic, you have nothing to be ashamed of. The
      quality of your writing here is astute enough that I would have thought you
      were a university level English student– compared to most people’s
      writing, at least, you certainly are competitive with what I’ve seen for
      grammar and spelling at a university level. I know that doesn’t sound like
      much, but that’s just our inner optimism about people and their attention
      to education speaking.

    • TheCoingeek says:

      +Sally Salamander You are a sweet heart. I agree. Mike is a gem.

  19. Ethercruiser1 says:

    Excellent presentation based upon data that few look at and some very good
    analysis that seems to make a lot of sense.

    • blueyedxy1 says:

      Quadrillion,,,,,, mathematics,, just going to infinity,,, don’t
      worry-bought -it,,,,, lol