Will Gold Fall Below $1000? | BrotherJohnF

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Bro John signs up with Silver Doctors to discuss the precious metal markets. Precious metals have fallen with respect to the United States buck, however is all-time low in? John states gold could drop additionally, yet silver is unlikely to drop much further.

Unlike nearly all mainstream "specialists," John forecasted a Trump presidency regarding a year back. When it comes to exactly how the mainstream media weathered the shock, John claims "I directly believe [the mainstream media] is passing away." The independent media is expanding in its influence, however. Despite being classified "fake news" as well as "Russian propaganda," independent media will certainly not be stopped, John claims.

Yet as for the economy, John states a crisis is heading to the USA, and that silver, gold, and potentially cryptocurrency may be needed to weather the storm.

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PLEASE NOTE: The economic and also political point of views shared in this video clip are not necessarily of "Money and Liberty" or its team. Opinions expressed in this video clip do not make up customized investment recommendations as well as need to not be relied upon for making financial investment choices.

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23 responses to “Will Gold Fall Below $1000? | BrotherJohnF”

  1. Enki Gilgamesh says:

    The economic mag from 1988 cover shows by 2018 gold will be the new flat
    earth dollar.
    All paper money is going up in flames. Check it out. Economic mag is a

  2. Enlightened Patriot says:

    Coming from over the Pond, I was so pleased to hear you say “Where are are
    heading” and not “headed”. Thanks!

  3. Tony Blaylock says:

    1:15 intro.!

  4. Jace1283xmod says:

    In any downturn or collapse everyone wants cash so sure I say gold can go
    down pretty far before a SnapBack.

  5. TheWolfgangFelix says:

    knowledge seek it. the blessing game is the sick and twisted root. life is
    not a game. it is indeed very real. your brain is not only washed by an
    evil religion but also full of sick bubblegum. sticky. stuck. u cant see
    the forest through the trees especially with your head buried in the mud.
    you have no idea. if only u knew. if you only knew that your mind has been
    binded to the bindings of a deceitful book which happens during a ritual
    called baptism where dark magic, yes dark magic is used to trap you in a
    evil illuson. the only way to break this curse is to rip that book in two
    and mean it. but to get to that point is a long journey that few will even
    consider. just trying to help. i have just given you the greatest piece of
    wisdom that anyone will in this lifetime. yet i know it will be looked upon
    in disbelief and horror. the world is the way it is for a reason. going
    deeper and deeper into the same old rut. forced to worship the same old
    false light. you must obey. i know. i know. if u refuse to learn you will
    NOT go to hell. you will go back to the source to start your existence all
    over again until you learn to transcend. heaven is upon us now. and now is
    the time always. its all about perspective really and how much FREE WILL
    you can muster and how hard you work to learn. knowledge seek it. knowledge
    seek it. knowledge seek it. conscience chirp.
    the choice is yours to make. to make.

  6. chrisiden says:

    it was Harry Dent who predicted gold under a 1000 and maybe into the 700s,
    then it will sky rocket back up… the key is to own it… cost averaging
    on the way down is the best way…. or stack up on silver…its so cheap…
    happy new years all and good luck 2017!

  7. John Leonard says:

    rule #1 in any takeover of a people of a country is takeover of the media

  8. Anita A says:

    Too short but, Very good interview, thanks.

  9. Russell Shute says:

    I think Brother John F needs to explain his NASA comment & he needs to
    study arctic Sea Ice Graphs before he launches into speculations of a
    cashless society when it is doubtful society will even exist in a
    half-dozen years.https://sites.google.com/site/arcticseaicegraphs/

  10. ZIP COOPAR says:

    YA!! Got rid of the dink. Much better opening.

  11. jonah70757 says:

    Below $1,000? Nope.

  12. We Are Not in Darkness says:

    manipulation, manipulation, manipulation. No matter how skilled the expert,
    they cannot explain manipulation in the markets, currencies and precious

  13. busymountain says:

    Is this a video from a previous date? It sounds familiar….

    • chrisiden says:

      hi, brother john made a video last week and spoke similar…this time
      around Eligah is doing the interviewing… load up ur truck… get some
      silver or gold now… will go up after the market crashes… 20,000 is
      being held up by the Big boys… Trumps friends i suspect… peace out
      happy new years…

  14. Sabin Acle says:

    How come gold goes down but when you try and buy it the price doesn’t
    really change? I’m new at this

    • Cole Wheeler says:

      Sabin Acle Because Physical always carries a premium over spot (futures
      contract) price. Dealers are middlemen and take their cut.

    • Deathbydebt says:

      Sabin Acle There are also events when the bullion supply is limited due to
      increased demand. These premiums are not reflected in the Comex London
      paper gold markets. Like India where the price of gold almost doubled due
      to currency demonitization and taxes on gold imports.

  15. David Webster says:

    The dollar and equities are rising because the rest of the world is going
    broke and capital is flowing to the US. Europe will fail first the Japan
    then it will start to move to the US lots of time yet but this is a very
    bad sovereign debt crisis. We may see a new currency by 2020

  16. Michael Corey says:

    Brother John hot air…

  17. DeltaLion1 says:

    ( . y . )