Yuan in IMF SDR Basket Oct 1 will Change World Financial System Forever – Steve St. Angelo Interview

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China's increase, power & oil shale collapse, globe financial debt degrees expanding exponential & Much more: This has reached be our ideal interview of the year! Steve St. Angelo is a power, metals and also mining specialist with statistics and also info you just can not receive from any person else. The statistics WILL shock even a professional in the alternative economic area as well as this is a have to look for everyone specifically with the IMF SDR basket to add the Chinese Yuan much less than one month from this launch.

02:30 Diminishing Energy Returns: Something other PM Analysts Don't Talk About
04:55 Background of Oil as well as energy return on Investment
06:00 Modern technology Does Not Mean More Energy Return
06:50 $13.5 Trillion in Bonds at Adverse Rates of interest
07:45 Supply vs Demand of Oil – Price to Collapse to $0.
10:00 $12 per barrel Oil by 2020 Forecast.
12:40 Global Silver manufacturing to crash 75% by 2025.
16:20 Financial obligation Collapse, base steel mines close, Gold/Silver Spike.
17:30 2.2 Billion Oz of Gold Financial investment, 2.5 Billion Oz of Silver.
19:40 $3 Trillion in Gold, Just $50 Billion in Silver.
20:50 Silver Might reach 1:10 Ratio to Gold's Cost.
21:20 Pivot East: SDR Backed Bond with Yuan in IMF's basket.
23:00 China will certainly Reveal Dramatically Greater Gold Gets.
25:10 Indian Gold Buying Period to surge Gold Cost 2016.
26:00 Yuan in SDR Oct 1st will certainly Adjustment Globe Financial System; US Dollar & America's world position remains in jeopardy.
27:30 Quakes from Shale oil to include in crash.
29:20 Waste water a huge trouble from fracking.
34:30 Financial debt Development worse compared to rapid, collapse quickly.
36:20 Obtain much more from Steve & Buy Steels from Tom Cloud.

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17 responses to “Yuan in IMF SDR Basket Oct 1 will Change World Financial System Forever – Steve St. Angelo Interview”

  1. Ray Fatemi says:

    They have been saying this for years and silver actually lost half its
    value during that time. Eventually, it may rise god knows when and they
    claim that their prediction was right. They charge at least 6% over the
    silver spot and sometimes up to 30% higher than silver spot price vs min 2%
    over the gold spot. So I think they make more money selling silver than
    I am not saying you should not invest in silver and gold as part of your
    portfolio. I am saying if you do, do it for the right reasons.

  2. hivoltage909 says:


  3. jkom1722 says:

    Good video, very eye opening especially near the end

  4. Jeffrey Morris says:

    The levels on the contributors are uneven!

  5. Marilynn Coffey says:

    what happens if government demands those assets. Like in World War 2
    Making it illegal to hold precious metals

    • maattttt07 says:

      they only got around 20% of precious metals during ww2..keep it hidden!!

    • jin charlie biazon says:

      +maattttt07 the global debt facility that house more than 400,000metric
      tons of gold from world war 2 is in the Philippines, it was under the care
      of the late president marcos before he was ousted, he foresee the danger of
      a Fiat currency, so he set up a plan to built an ASEAN dollar that will
      rival the USD, a world reserve currency, and the banker doesn’t want that,
      so they put up a plan to put marcos down and stop him from putting an ASEAN
      bank. the American crush the Philippine economy, via rig stock market one
      of the benefits of having monopoly in currency printing,and they also send
      their puppeteers the CIA to create havoc in the country and overthrow
      marcos.. and the global currency reset plan went to sleep for 36years.. now
      that the dollar is collapsing China is pursuing an old plan created during
      the time of Marcos and that is the global currency reset.. back to real

  6. TheBig Nig says:

    ???????LIKE A BOSS▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

  7. TheBig Nig says:

    ???????LIKE A BOSS▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

  8. Regal Man says:

    I can hear Steve well, but the announcer, i can not. Sounds like the host
    of the show is in a tunnel.

  9. CAngel57ful says:

    Excellent interview, thank you.

  10. littleangle45 says:

    I think this is a pump and dump channel.

  11. DBZ Shaggy says: